The purpose of this page is to provide an 'at a glance' overview of our programme of webinars and online meetings.

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Taking a year out: how to make the best use of time

This webinar will look at the benefits and costs of taking a year out and outline the breadth of opportunities (volunteering/culture/languages/expeditions/courses/work placements) available to young people and provide advice about how to plan, prepare for and maximise the benefits of a structured year out.


Supporting Students in Careers in Football

'Working with young people who want to be professional footballers sometimes can be difficult. They have one goal of being a professional and don't want to consider any alternatives as it might interfere with their destination. The percentages of young people who make it as professionals is less than 1% so it is important that we start having these conversations and helping them develop alternative plans and Plan Bs.


Navigating UCAS

UCAS processes applications for courses at higher education providers in the UK. This webinar will cover the student journey from school or college into under-graduate higher education by explaining time-lines and decision-making points. As well as highlighting the information UCAS provides for students, their parents and advisers, this webinar will provide practical tips and advice on how to support students (and their parents) as they navigate UCAS.


Effective personal statements and supportive references

This webinar will examine the role of the personal statement and reference in the admissions process, what admissions tutors look for in an effective personal statement and a supportive reference, provide a checklist of do’s and don’ts, as well as outlining strategies to help students to write in an authentic and convincing manner.