The purpose of this page is to provide an 'at a glance' overview of our programme of webinars and online meetings.

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Do qualified career practitioners also need accreditation in coaching?

If you already possess a recognised qualification in career development, are there any benefits in also having an accredited coaching qualification? This webinar is for career practitioners already working in the independent sector/considering self-employment, who are wondering whether to invest in coaching accreditation. The webinar will provide an introduction to some of the coaching qualifications in the UK, what’s involved, the costs, plus a few caveats before you take the plunge.


CDI Scotland: The brilliant brain … some implications for careers work (Free Webinar)

Developments in neuropsychology have created a deeper understanding of how we learn, form habits and make decisions, with many previously held beliefs such as the left (rational)/ right (emotional) distinction being debunked. In this webinar, presented by Liane Hambly, we consider how a) the rational and sensory brain can work together to aid career decision making, and b) how a multi-sensory approach can aid career learning. She will draw on cases from her private practice to illustrate how this can be achieved across a range of media, including telephone and video. Liane Hambly is co-author of ‘Creative Career Coaching’ (2019), has over 30 years’ experience in the career development field as a practitioner, university lecturer and freelance trainer.


CDI Scotland: The impact of trauma and adversity on the ability to learn (Free Webinar)

We know from the media, and our own experiences, that the pressure and pace of life in the twenty-first century can take their toll on young people. This webinar will focus on the difficult topic of childhood trauma and its impact on young people. The webinar is presented by Anne McKechnie, a Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist, who has significant experience of working with children and adolescents including young offenders. The audience will learn about the nature and prevalence of childhood trauma and adversity; the impact on development; how to communicate and help young people manage the effects of trauma so they may build resilience.


CDI Cymru (Wales) - Working with emotional content in career guidance (Free Webinar)

CSW Career Development Consultant Dr Oliver Jenkin looks at a familiar topic for careers practitioners, yet one that is often touched on only tangentially in training and research. Dr Jenkin makes the case for career guidance as a therapeutic educational intervention and offers practical advice for how to work effectively and appropriately with emotional material during guidance." A Career Development Consultant at CSW Group with 11 years’ experience of helping young people bring about positive changes in their educational and working lives. Oliver is a registered member of the Career Development Institute.


Career Conversation Webinar: The future world of work and the role of trade unions (Free Webinar)

Tommy Breslin (Development Officer, Scottish Union Learning), focuses on the future world of work and the vital role of lifelong guidance and training in the workplace, in the face or rapid changes, and what this means for employees, businesses and the skills agenda.