The purpose of this page is to provide an 'at a glance' overview of our programme of webinars and online meetings.

All our CPD webinars are free to members, please register your interest for each session so we can send you the necessary joining link. Non-members can also join these sessions by registering and paying online. 

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Advising in an international context (free webinar)

This webinar aims to give advisers used to supporting students making university applications in the UK an understanding of the key information, terminology, processes and deadlines to support applications outside the UK. This will include considering the changes in language and practice needed to empower students to consider options outside the UK within careers education and 1-2-1 interactions.


CDI Cymru - Using LinkedIn to develop your and your clients’ personal brands

People google people before they commit to working with them - this is a fact. Our personal brand is our offer of value and as we move into 2019, we have to ensure we are promoting our brand online in a way which helps us stand out for all the right reasons. An effective online presence needs to show off true talents, strengths, skills, experience and achievements authentically and LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for showcasing this, but are you and your clients using it as effectively as possible? Are you confident using it to build your client list? Does your profile really reflect what you want to be known for and can you discuss the advantages of LinkedIn and guide others how to use it? Do your clients understand how to do the same? If you are unsure how to answer any of these questions, then this webinar is for you. It will help you create a powerful LinkedIn profile that showcases 'brand you', that will reach and engage the people you want in your network and give you tips and techniques, so you can become LinkedIn savvy to the benefit of you, your work and your clients.


An Introduction to T Levels (Free Webinar)

The DfE is implementing substantive reforms to technical education, including the introduction of new T Levels. The first three T Levels will be delivered by a small number of FE providers from 2020. Careers advisers and career leaders will play a key role in helping students and their parents to understand what T Levels are and where they could lead. This webinar, presented by Sue Lovelock (T Level Delivery Division in DfE) will provide an overview of T Levels, what they are, why they are being introduced and plans for their rollout. This webinar will be of primary interest to careers advisers and careers leaders in England and of general interest to all career development professionals.


NHS Wales : Estates & Facilities Services in Healthcare (free webinar)

This webinar will give you an overview of the Works and Estates & Facilities Service within Healthcare. It will focus on identifying various roles within Works and Estates & Facilities. It will also give an insight to qualifications and experience required for these posts. In addition it will highlight actual examples of career development through personal stories. We will also share future service and workforce developments with members taking part in the webinar.


USA higher education admissions (free webinar)

This webinar will outline the process of applying to university in the USA from both the student's and teacher's perspective. It will cover the reasons people apply (and why more international students than ever before are applying), how the education in America differs from in the UK, and how vastly different the admissions process is from UCAS and other systems.