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Questions on likelihood to leave the profession, and why, have appeared in the CDI's #CDIBigListen sector survey since 2021, with the latest results showing that 23% of careers professionals are likely or very likely to leave the profession within the next two years. Retirement is the main driver (46% of those likely to leave, up from 33% in 2021) followed by pay and rewards (16%, down from 40% in 2021).

A growing driver of dissent is stress or health issues related to the job, up from 3% to 8%.

The next survey covering this area will be held over winter 2023/24.

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Careers England research

As a member of the Careers England recruitment and retention taskforce, the CDI supported additional research among Careers England members and those organisations' employees. While this also showed 23% of staff being likely to leave the profession, employer attitudes were more negative, expecting up to 38% attrition.

Poor pay and limited development opportunities were key reasons cited for being likely to leave the profession, with 62.5% of employers saying they aren't able to pay a salary that reflects the skills, qualifications and experience of their staff. 

The report highlighted the growing concern among careers service providers about the risks to their profession and longer-term business sustainability brought about by difficulties faced in recruiting new talent and retaining existing talent.

Read the full Careers England report.

careers England recruitment and retention research 2022

Developing the talent pipeline for the career development sector

Claire Johnson, CDI Head of Professional Development & Standards and Caroline Green from Ask The Talent Cycle led a webinar exploring the challenges facing the career development profession in attracting and retaining talent.

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