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                                                       CDI Summit 2023

The Summit took place on 4 December 2023 and brought together leaders and strategic thinkers from across career development to discuss the rapid changes impacting the world of work and what they mean for the future of career development. Exploring major topics such as skills shortages, changing demographics and the shift to an AI/digital and net zero economy, the Summit used expert talks and panels to outline key issues for attendees to debate and identify implications for the career development profession.

Why attend?

The Summit is a step towards better understanding the changes facing the world of work, and exploring how the careers profession needs to adapt to address the issues and realise the opportunities that they present.

This is a fascinating day with a huge amount of interaction, discussion, and ideas. The aim is for the conversation to continue beyond today, as we work together to take forward many of the aspects raised at the event – in research, policy development, best practice and CPD and more. 


This Summit is aimed at all careers professionals, regardless of your area of practice or where you work in the UK and beyond.

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