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September 2020

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A View of Careers and Skills in the West Midlands Post Covid 19

02/09/2020 12:00 - 13:00 View

Guest speakers Marion Plant, Principal and Chief Executive of North Warwickshire, South Leicestershire College and Simon Lomax, Chief Executive and Executive Principal of the Midland Academies Trust will share their experience and thoughts on careers and skills and how we can best support our clients in the West Midlands in unprecidented times. The session will be chaired by Eva Harrison, WM regional rep. There will also be an opportunity for: Q & A’s; a CDI Update and online networking.


Delivering career guidance and coaching via telephone and video (Expert Training Online)

03/09/2020 14:00 - 17:00 View

This expert training online session is aimed at career practitioners who deliver or intend to deliver career guidance and coaching via the medium of telephone and video. The content focuses on in-depth guidance and coaching rather than tracking or cold calling. During the session we will explore how the skills and methods of face-to-face work can be creatively applied to telephone and video, rapidly building rapport and using multi-sensory tactics to fully engage clients and address their career development needs. The workshop will be led by Liane Hambly, Career Development Consultant. Liane uses these media in her own coaching practice. Feedback from a previous masterclass: "Brilliant training session. The content was spot on, so thank you! I have to say that's undoubtedly the best £75 I've ever spent."

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New maritime webinar: An overview of the maritime sector – the industries, job opportunities and training routes (Free Webinars)

07/09/2020 15:30 - 16:30 View

Did you know that it’s possible to have a career in the maritime sector and never go to sea? Do you know what the difference is between a career in the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy? This one-hour webinar is designed to help you build your knowledge and your confidence in answering questions about careers opportunities in the maritime sector. The session will be delivered by Maritime UK's Programme Manager (Careers and Outreach) Lorna Wagner and will include information about the different industries in the sector, the difference between apprenticeships and cadetships and will help you better understand job roles and opportunities at sea and on shore.

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How can students fund university with the British Army? (Free Webinar)

09/09/2020 11:00 - 12:00 View

There are many different routes to getting a degree partially or fully funded by the Army, and we will explore a full range of options available to those applying to the Army as an Officer or a Soldier. These are interesting alternatives to a degree level apprenticeship for those who are looking for an employer willing to invest in their education. Improve your knowledge of Army opportunities to help young people make more informed choices. This webinar will be presented by Eleanor Brown of BASE (British Army In Education).


Five Fabulous New Career Theories and how you can use them in your work (Expert Training Online)

10/09/2020 13:30 - 15:30 View

In this interactive session career thought leader Julia Yates will introduce you to some of her favourite theories and models that you may not have come across before, share case studies to help shed light on the theories, and discuss how they can be used in careers work. Theories to be explored: Career Inaction Theory; The Kaleidoscope Career Model; System 1 and System 2; Post-job loss career-growth model; Career resources model.


Negotiating with Confidence: Helping Our Clients, Helping Ourselves (Free Webinar)

11/09/2020 12:00 - 13:00 View

Career development professionals are constantly faced with negotiations. We are helping our own clients deal with job offers, requests for salary increases and promotions, as well as other workplace negotiations. We also have to negotiate on our own behalf as contractors, job candidates and employees. Presented by Karen Chopra, a career coach and former US Government trade negotiator, this webinar will provide a framework for preparing and conducting any negotiation. We will also discuss specific techniques to handle the most common negotiation challenges, such as job offers.

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Supporting UK refugees into work (Expert Training Online)

16/09/2020 09:30 - 11:30 View

This two-hour e-workshop introduces best practice in supporting refugees at all skill levels with careers information, advice and guidance, with a focus on finding work that is relevant to their skills and experience. It may be followed up in September with a webinar specifically about supporting refugee professionals. Transitions is a social enterprise, providing free bespoke services for refugee professionals and corporately responsible recruitment solutions for employers. They will present practical information, advice, case studies, a candidate who will make a short presentation, and answer questions.


The National Quality in Careers Standard Award – External Validation of Your Career Programme – Why and How? (Free Webinar)

17/09/2020 13:30 - 14:30 View

In the Statutory Duty of 2018, all schools and colleges are ‘strongly recommended’ to work towards the national Quality in Careers Standard award. Career education professional Janet Hutchinson will explain why it is important to engage with the award to provide external validation of your careers guidance programme. This webinar will look at the requirements of the Quality in Careers Standard award and how to achieve them. It will also cover how working towards and achieving the award will help you raise the profile of careers in your organisation and local community and start a cycle of continuous improvement that will have a positive impact and importantly help learners achieve and succeed. Janet Hutchinson is an ex-teacher, a businesswoman and adviser and assessor for Complete Careers, a Licensed Awarding Body for the award.

Yorkshire & Humber Regional Members Meeting

17/09/2020 12:00 - 12:45 View

Join: Bob Watmore - the Business Engagement Adviser within the Apprenticeship and Skills Hub at City of York Council. This role both supports advice and guidance for employers to support recruitment, and provides career and labour market input to education environments, both to career advisers and direct to students at assemblies and events. Bob has a wide knowledge of both the current and future estimations of the regional economy, employment and skills needs. His early career was in the automotive industry in the West Midlands as an engineer and then Senior Manager of Product Introduction and continuous improvement. He has subsequently spent 15 years in the FE sector as an Assessor, Trainer and in quality and management roles in Training Providers, prior to joining the City of York Council in early 2019.

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CEIAG What's that? (Free Webinar)

21/09/2020 13:30 - 14:30 View

A new webinar designed to help new careers leaders, careers advisers, teachers, governors and other school/college staff, and enterprise coordinators and enterprise advisers better understand the differences between careers information, advice and guidance. Presented by Dr Michelle Stewart, this webinar will take a case study approach to address three key questions: • What we mean by careers information, advice and guidance? • How does guidance differ from personal guidance? • What does the ‘E’ stand for?

CDI SEND Masterclass 1 - Introduction to young people with SEND and the key career challenges they face (Expert Training Online)

21/09/2020 12:00 - 13:00 View

The biggest challenge to successfully delivering careers guidance for young people with SEND is understanding the vastly differing groups of young people, the barriers they face and what positive career outcomes look like. You will build your confidence by improving your knowledge of who young people with SEND are, starting with the national careers strategy and statutory guidance and how it applies to SEND. You will be able to recognise the key career challenges facing young people with SEND in Career SEND Group One and Career SEND Group Two and what can be done to mitigate them and appreciate what positive career outcomes look like whilst looking at a whole of school case study to understand how everything fits together.

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Labour market intelligence, same or different? The career development professional and LMI post-Covid-19 (Expert Training Online)

23/09/2020 09:30 - 11:30 View

The current labour market is looking considerably different to how it looked at the beginning of the year. This two-hour interactive Masterclass aims to update careers advisers and careers leaders on what the current UK labour market looks like and how different it might look as we come out of the current pandemic situation. With a particular focus on those working with young people approaching the end of school, sixth form or college, it will highlight areas of understanding as well as useful LMI resources for both careers professionals and young people themselves. The session will also take a candid look at the impact of Covid-19 on the labour market – the sectors and groups of people that are likely to be the hardest hit – and whether the key messages for young people are essentially the same or need reviewing.


What is Ofsted looking for? (Expert Training Online)

24/09/2020 15:30 - 16:30 View

A quick fire look at what Ofsted is looking for from schools in regards to preparing their pupils for their next steps. Useful for Governors, SLT and Careers Leaders alike, this session will cover the ‘must do’ aspects that support good or outstanding judgements under Ofsted’s new framework and the achievement of the Gatsby Benchmarks as part of this process. This expert training session will be presented by Janet Colledge, Chief Careers Education Consultant with Outstanding Careers and education director of National Careers Week CIC. Janet will provide delegates with a clear plan of action to ensure that their organisation will meet with Ofsted’s requirements.

Labour market intelligence, same or different? Adult clients and LMI post Covid-19 (Expert Training Online)

24/09/2020 09:30 - 11:30 View

The current labour market is looking considerably different to how it looked at the beginning of the year. This two-hour interactive Masterclass aims to update careers advisers and career coaches working with adults on what the current UK labour market looks like and how different it might look as we come out of the current pandemic situation. With a particular focus on those working with adults, it will highlight areas of understanding as well as useful LMI resources for both advisers and clients to use themselves. The session will take a candid look at the impact of Covid-19 on the labour market – the sectors and groups of people that are likely to be the hardest hit – and whether the key messages are essentially the same or need reviewing.

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CareerChat: Using a bot for career conversations (Free Webinar)

28/09/2020 12:00 - 01:00 View

CareerChat is an innovative chatbot prototype providing a personalised, guided career journey experience for adults. This incorporates advanced AI technologies, database applications and Natural Language Processing, to develop engaging career conversations with users. By the end of this webinar session participants will: Become familiar with the CareerChat concept • Share experiences and ideas of careers practice working with adults and consider how this relates to the bot development • Critique a prototype and provide feedback • Consider personas who might benefit from using CareerChat • Reflect on new approaches and tools to support career conversations. This session will be presented by Dr Deirdre Hughes, Graham Attwell, George Bekiaridis and Chris Percy.


Action Learning for Career Development Professionals (London region)

29/09/2020 18:00 - 19:00 View

The aim of these sessions is to provide an informal, supportive and safe place from which to share experiences, challenges, local and regional information and for members to meet and network online. Action learning provides a safe environment to explore strengths and development areas and is an opportunity to learn from good practice and to develop new ideas and different solutions. It provides some much needed problem solving time whereby members can come together to mentor each other for a period of time. Everyone working in the career development profession in the Greater London region is welcome to join.


Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in Career Conversations (Expert Training Online)

30/09/2020 10:00 - 12:00 View

ACT is one of the most promising tools for career practice to have emerged from the field of psychology in the last decade. Its aim is to support clients to identify and pursue a values-driven life, by helping them to minimise the impact that their negative thoughts and feelings have on their actions. For career development practitioners, it offers an approach to help clients to work out what their career goals are, and provides some techniques to help clients deal with low confidence and anxiety. There is a growing empirical evidence base for ACT, which demonstrates that it can help people to feel less anxious, more resilient and more motivated through group work and one to one exercises.

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CEIAG What's that? (Free Webinar)

21 Sep 2020 13:30

Monday 21st September - 13.30 till 14.30 Overv...

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