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CDI Wales

CDI Wales

Carolyn Parry is the CDI Associate for Wales. She has established a range of support specifically for members in Wales, including a regular Forum for key organisations in the Principality, the CDI Champions network with Career Wales, and CPD webinars. 

CDI Scotland

CDI Scotland

Pete Robertson is the CDI Associate for Scotland, representing the CDI and liaising with members, partners and government institutions, hostsingregular online meetings that feature expert speakers and discussion of key topics. 

CDI Northernireland

CDI Northern Ireland

The CDI hosts a Northern Ireland LinkedIn group for members living in or from Northern Ireland to connect and works closely with CSNI to help support the career sector in Northern Ireland. 

CDI England

CDI Regional Communities

The regional communities across England are run by a team of dedicated volunteer Regional Reps who engage local members and hold regular regional meetings which both CDI members and non-members are encouraged to attend.

Communities of Practice (CoP)

The CDI has two large communities of practice - one for career development practitioners, and one for careers leaders. These are both online groups with large numbers of members sharing queries, ideas and information to help each other learn, develop and implement best practice. Both of these communities are moderated by CDI Associates to ensure a high-quality community experience.

CDI Community of practice for career development professionals

CoP Career Development Professionals

Launched in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CDP community has rapidly grown to include over 1,500 CDI members in all areas of career development practice. The community discusses a wide range of topics and members regularly pose questions and requests for help related to their areas of practice. 

The community is hosted on Facebook and welcomes new members. Join and access the Career Development Practitioner Community of Practice. 

CoP Careers Leaders

The Community of Practice for Careers Leaders was established in 2019 and has steadily grown as a forum for Careers Leaders to network with peers, with over 650 members. As a moderated forum, the Careers Leaders community supports high-quality discussion and opportunities to engage with colleagues. 

As well as the discussion forum, the community includes a blog, question and answer section and a calendar.

 Join and access the Community of Practice for Career Leaders. 

CDI Community of Practice for Careers Leaders

Community of Interest for Careers Education (COICE)

The CDI's most active Community of Interest focuses on careers education - with careers education experts and representatives from the UK public careers services working together to share and inform best practice, produce resources to raise understanding and delivery quality and support the work of the CDI.

Find out more about the Community of Interest for Careers Education (COICE).

Other Communities of Interest

The CDI also hosts a larger number of specialist Communities of Interest that focus on specific areas of interest within careers information, advice, education and guidance. These groups are predominantly online and some have their own steering groups to co-ordinate the development of the community and inform future CDI services. 

View all the current CDI Communities of Interest.


Chris Webb and Meet Sabiha host the CDI's regular #WeAreCareers live stream for career development practitioners. This highly engaging programme is a great way to hear from key players across the profession and catch up on the latest CDI and sector news.

Watch past episodes and see the upcoming schedule for #WeAreCareers

Diversity Groups

To support the CDI’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, we are looking to develop EDI working groups to discuss specific issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in career development. This work will help inform and direct the CDI’s work in this area. We would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in helping establish and be part of these groups. Please contact Ifza Shakoor, EDI Associate, on edi.associate@thecdi.net for more information. 

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Having any trouble?

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