Career Assured

Career Assured is the CDI's quality award for digital resources and CPD learning activities. The award enables practitioners to be confident that the resource or activity they are choosing meets the needs of careers professionals and is of a high standard.

Resources and activities that achieve the Career Assured Quality Mark benefit from:

  • Displaying the Career Assured logo on collateral and website.
  • Being listed as a Career Assured resource or activity.
  • Publication of the achievement of the Award in a CDI newsletter.
  • 25% Discount on CDI commercial activity promoting the Careers Assured achievement. 
  • Career Assured award presented at the UK Career Development Awards or similar event.
  • Publication of the achievement of the Award in a CDI newsletter.

If you are looking to give customers added confidence in your service, enquire about the Careers Assured Quality Mark from the CDI by contacting or call on 01384 376464. 

Career Assured for digital resources

The Career Assured Quality Assurance Framework assesses careers products against the needs of users and career development professionals. Achieving the Award demonstrates that the website, software or app meets a standard of quality against clear and transparent criteria. Career Assured provides a quality mark for products that assures:

  • The overall quality.
  • The content in terms of its value as a resource to support the decision making process in career guidance.
  • The ethics and standards of the organisation producing the resource.

Digital resources can be a standalone resource that is accessed by the client themselves or a supporting resource designed to be delivered by a CEIAG practitioner. The resource can be role, sector or education level specific or a resource that provides more generic support and guidance. There are eight criteria within the framework:

  • Organisation credibility
  • Availability
  • Feedback and impact
  • Value
  • Accessibility
  • Product credibility
  • Equality and diversity
  • Currency

The assessment process begins with a self-assessment against the criteria followed by an independent review by an independent assessor. Resources are assessed against the criteria and once achieved, the Award is held for two years.

For more information and to begin the process, contact or call on 01384 376464. 

Career Assured for CPD activities

CDI Career Assured endorsement applies to continuous professional development (CPD) activities including conferences, events and training. By gaining the Career Assured Quality Award, organisations demonstrate that their CPD activity:

  • Meets the criteria of the Award from both an educational and content-focused perspective.
  • Is in line with any relevant National Occupational Standards in Career Development or Leadership and Management.

 The information required to assess CPD activities for the Award include:

  • The skills and knowledge to be gained.
  • Any National Occupational Standards it covers.
  • Learning objectives.
  • How content is kept up to date.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Delivery methods.
  • Reflection on learning.
  • Post-event learning.
  • Evaluation by delegates.
  • Evaluation by the trainer.

For more information and to begin the process, contact or call on 01384 376464.

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