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The Community of Interest for Careers Education (COICE) brings together careers education practitioners to share ideas, collaborate on resources and discuss approaches to related issues.

As well as the core COICE group, who share best practice on careers education, work on projects and support the work of the CDI, there is the Careers Leaders' online community and the Careers Education LinkedIn community.

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CDI community of interest for careers education
CDI community of interest for private practitioners

Private Practice

This CDI community of interest is for all those who work as independent careers practitioners. It provides a forum for discussions related to the varied work of private practitioners, the issues facing those working freelance, self-employed or running careers practices as well as an opportunity to network and collaborate.

A group of private practitioners also meets regularly with the CDI Chief Executive to discuss key issues and ideas for ongoing CPD and conference sessions aimed at the private practitioner community. 

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Higher Education advisers 

Do you advise those who are considering entry to Higher Education, or looking at other post-18 options? If so, then we would like to invite you to join the CDI HE Advisers’ Community of Interest. Membership is open to anyone who works with this cohort, be it in a school, college, university or other setting.

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CDI community of interest for Higher Education careers advisers
CDI Community of Interest for career development research


This community is for members interested in how research findings could enhance their practice, or who engage in research at any level.  The Community's focus includes making career development research findings available to CDI members, offering support and information for those wishing to engage in research, providing a forum for those engaged in research, enhancing how research topics and findings are included in CDI resources, drafting initial responses on career research issues on behalf of CDI and engagement with international research initiatives in the career development field.

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Learning difficulties and disabilities

Talking to members who focus on working with young people and adults who have very special needs. The community will cover a range of ideas and activities that will update members on the status of LDD support in the country, the best places to go for relevant and useful resources, and providing further advice and support for LDD specialists.

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CDI community of interest for learning difficulties and disabilities
CDI community of interest for students


A community of interest to allow CDI Student Members to discuss the matters important to them, whether it be issues about their course, questions about their potential future, or a discussion about their needs as a student.

The community is ideal for those studying for the Qualification in Career Development, a level 6 qualification or other student members.

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Adult guidance

This community is designed to support practitioners working with adult clients in a wide variety of settings, including adult career services through the UK such as the National Careers Service, Skills Development Scotland, Careers Wales and the Careers Service Northern Ireland, as well as the NHS, custodial settings, local authorities and adult learning.

Join the community by clicking on the link below to share information, ideas, resources and experiences and to learn from each other.

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CDI community of interest for adult guidance
CDI community of practice for international careers professionals


Although UK-based, the CDI is proud to have a growing number of international members. CDI members based outside the UK have access to this community to share successful approaches from the perspective of guidance, coaching and career related group work, discuss trends in international labour market information (LMI), identify training needs relevant to international career development professionals and share practice with other professionals working in an international context.

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