There are many different types of roles in the Army covering everything from frontline combat to cyber security, military police to chef. Every role in the Army has a part to play in making sure that the Army continues to Be the Best in everything it does.

When you join as a Regular Soldier, you'll live and work on military bases, either in the UK or overseas - but that doesn't mean you have to give up your old life. Unless you're away on operations or training exercise you'll normally work 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. You’ll get 38 days’ leave a year, which is more than most civilian jobs.

Conference and exhibition

Scottish Student Conference 2024

The event is free for QCD students, select SDS staff and CDI members in Scotland. Please note: If you are fully qualified and work for Skills Development Scotland please check with your employer before booking.  

Expert webinars

How to set up your own coaching business (Expert Training Online)

Have you always dreamt of setting up your own coaching business but not sure how? Are you currently setting up your practice and need a helping hand? Or have you set up your business and want some tips to help your business to grow further? Then join us for this hands-on and interactive masterclass, where we will help you to provide a way forward and answer your questions.

Over 18 months, and in collaboration with University of London, I spoke with business owners who had recently and successfully set up their own businesses. I found out what these entrepreneurs did and what they didn’t do that helped them to be successful in their business set up. This masterclass is built on these insights and findings. I will share these with you so that you can learn from their experience and successes. 

Regional and other meetings

North West Members Meeting

Virtually join other North West based careers professionals for another informal catch-up. We’ll

share successes and challenges – I’m looking for topics to chat about as the meeting gets closer

and will be canvassing you on your thoughts via the NW Region LinkedIn group. All welcome and

feel free to bring your lunch or at least a coffee!

Expert workshops

Helping your clients find their purpose

Do you want to help your clients to establish purpose in their work? To find a meaningful and sustainable way of working with purpose? Then join us for this interactive and hands-on expert workshop, where we will learn a practical, five-step approach to help your clients to find purpose in their work.

Career Related Learning

AI for career practitioners

This course from the Career Development Institute offers a practical introduction to the potential use of AI by career practitioners. By the end of six weeks, you'll walk away with well-rounded perspectives, tangible skills, and curated resources to evaluate, adopt and apply AI solutions in service of empowering career journeys. This course is designed for active participation and peer learning. We encourage you to engage with the materials, share your perspectives in discussions, and have fun experimenting with AI!

Conference and exhibition

Student Conference (England and Wales)

This event is delivered by the Career Development Institute for all CDI Student Members based in England and Wales

How to put what you have learned during your training into practice and what the future holds for you:
The new generation of career development professionals has a key role to play in the future of the career development sector. This conference will be of interest, relevant and valuable to students undertaking any qualifications accepted for the UK Register of Career Development Professionals. 

The workshop sessions offer additional opportunities to learn more about working in the different parts of the sector, the CPD opportunities available and the importance of professional networking.

Expert workshops

‘Helping Your Clients with Their Mid-Life Career Reinvention’ Expert Training

Do you want to help your clients in their mid-life (45-60) to reinvent themselves when they are facing redundancy, feeling lost and unclear how to make themselves relevant again in the world of work? To regain their joie de vivre when feeling burnt out, dissatisfied and unfulfilled in their work? Then join us for this hands-on and interactive workshop, where we will learn how to help your clients to manage their mid-life career reinvention

Conference and exhibition

UK Career Development Awards 2024

Join us for this in-person event, which is being held on Tuesday 18th June 2024, at Museum of Making Derby.
The UK Career Development Awards are a high point in the CDI event calendar, when we recognise and celebrate excellence across the career development sector, in the UK and internationally.

Conference and exhibition

National Careers Leaders Conference 2024

The National Careers Leaders Conference and Exhibition 2024 at the University of Derby.
The National Careers Leaders Conference and Exhibition 2024, kindly sponsored by Unifrog, is jointly organised by the CDI and iCeGS at the University of Derby.

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If you experience any problems with booking an event or would like to discuss an event in more detail, please contact ashley.bott@thecdi.net or call 01384 445624.

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