We introduced a system of Fellowships in 2020 to distinguish and honour the commitment of eminent members who have contributed to the progression of the CDI and the career development profession.

Our Fellows play an important role for us as champions of career development and ambassadors for the CDI. To be considered for a Fellowship, members will have made a significant contribution to elements of career development practice.

CDI members, the CDI Board, and the CDI Ethics and Professional Standards Committee are the nominating authorities for this award.

This is an individual award and recognition from professional peers. Fellows will be able to use the CDI Fellowship logo.



  • Jan Ellis
  • Liz Reece
  • Michelle Stewart

  • Alan Bullock
  • Claire Johnson
  • Kath Wright

  • Claire Nix
  • Liane Hambly
  • Lyn Barham

  • Anthony Barnes 
  • Siobhan Neary

CDI Fellowships were also awarded to Legacy Fellows in recognition of the continuing contribution they have made to the CDI over the past ten years.

  • Avril Hannon
  • Dave Cordle
  • Deirdre Hughes
  • Derek Osborn
  • Jane Artess
  • Nicki Moore
  • Rosemary McLean
  • Ruth Winden
  • Stuart Mitchell
  • Valerie Rowles

The Rodney Cox Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented by the CDI President, on behalf of the CDI’s Board of Directors.

This award is presented annually to someone who has been a champion of career development; who has supported the work of the profession in a variety of ways and who stands as representing excellence, having achieved a significant amount in the field of career development.



  • Lyn Barham

  • Jane Artess

  • Heather Jackson

  • Jenny Bimrose

  • Hazel Reid

  • David Andrews

  • Bill Law

  • Sue Barr

  • Tony Watts

No award was given out in 2017 as the awards ceremony date moved from December to March the following year.

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