Full career guidance qualifications

There are several routes to gain a full qualification at level 6 or level 7 (SCQF level 11) and be recognised as a career development professional, qualified to offer career guidance and able to apply to join the Register of Career Development Professionals:

Adding credits to become fully qualified

If you already hold any of the qualifications below, you can achieve the above qualifications, or an equivalent, by adding units from the level 6 Diploma in Career Guidance and Development or further Post Graduate credits:

Progression from other qualifications/standards

These qualifications are not required to undertake the full career development qualifications, but may act as a progression pathway towards becoming fully qualified. 

There are also qualifications at Level 3 which can contribute evidence towards the Level 4 Diploma and provide a progression route through to the professional level qualifications. 

Learn more about the Progression Pathways for career development (higher education and work-based routes)

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Having any trouble?

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