Why the Blueprint is needed

Being a professionally qualified career development professional involves guiding people of all ages to: 

  • gain relevant information about themselves (e.g. their interests, talents and abilities), the labour market, and educational or vocational options – depending on their individual information needs; 
  • develop their career management skills; make sense of the situations they are experiencing, work through issues towards solutions, make career decisions, and realise personal change. 

In addition they also:  

  • work with people and organisations in designing and developing career development programmes; 
  • manage and assure the quality of their own work; 
  • adopt professional values and ethical standards in all practice roles, develop and regulate relationships appropriately, engage in continuous learning and critical thinking and advocate for the profession 

This role demands professional level qualifications at graduate level or above 

In order to ensure that all professional level qualifications for the career development sector reflect the skills and knowledge requiredthe CDI  

  • looked at the National Occupational Standards: Career Development and the full range of professional level career development qualifications currently in use across the UK, 
  • consulted with employers across the sector and course providers  

The Blueprint was first produced in 2016 and updated in 2021 to reflect changes in the sector and the increased use of technology. 

Using the Blueprint

The Blueprint can be used to: 

  • show stakeholders, employers and Government/Assembly officials the breadth and depth of the career development professional role and why it is vital that people are professionally qualified to at least QCF Level 6/SCQF Level 11 to deliver these roles. 
  • ascertain CPD needs by using the Learning Outcomes as a checklist to reflect upon existing skills and knowledge and the potential need to update these.  
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Having any trouble?

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