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At the Cutting Edge: Research into Practice

The CDI and NICEC continue our collaborative Cutting Edge webinar series with our bi-annual seminars. The last seminar took place in April 2024.

We find colleagues across the full breadth of the careers delivery sector keen to engage with considered thought the complexity and consequences of careers theory but all working practitioners also know how the constraints of practice can sometimes shift our focus away from the value theory can bring to our practice.

Why attend?

This webinar is a fantastic, free (to CDI & NICEC members) CPD opportunity to see how theory is informing and impacting practice and reflect on your use of careers theory in your work.  


Practitioners who are CDI members, NICEC members and Fellows who are actively involved or are interested in research. We recognise the importance of research in the career development sector and encourage all practitioners to contribute to building the evidence base and using research to inform their practice. 


The event is free for CDI members, NICEC members and NICEC Fellows. 


Founded in 1975, NICEC is a learned society for reflective practitioners in career education, career guidance/counselling, and career development. This includes those working in research, policy, consultancy, scholarship, service delivery and management, within education, the workplace, or the wider community. NICEC fosters dialogue and innovation between these areas through events, networking, publications and projects.