Find a Registered Career Development Professional

The Find a Registered Career Development Professional search facility uses a post code or a town search.

Employers and potential clients can use this to find registered career development professionals in their area and/or across the UK who can provide career development services either digitally or in person.

If you are employed or self-employed, having a Register Profile is an excellent way of promoting the career development services you offer and being visible, vocal and valued.

I am already on the Professional Register, but do not have a Register Profile. What do I do?

Access the Members’ only area, click on Join Registered Professional Directory and then add your profile and a photo of yourself if you wish. Remember to include the career development qualification you hold. You must include all fields in your entry. If you do not have your own website use

Why can't I be on both the RCDP & the RCL listing pages?

We are trying to make the distinction between people who are qualified to provide personal career guidance/development (RCDP) and those who are qualified in careers leadership (RCL) but who are not qualified to provide personal career guidance/development. On the RCDP page it explains that some people will also be qualified in careers leadership. Adding a register profile will enable you to explain the range of career development services you offer including, if relevant, careers leadership.

I am already an individual CDI Member. How do I join the Register?

Access the Members’ only area and complete the Register Application Form. Once your £55 payment has been processed you will be able to access the Members’ only area again but this time as a Registrant. You will then be able to follow step 2 above.

I do not hold one of the relevant CDI-approved qualifications. Can I still join the Register?

If you do not hold one of the relevant qualifications, we do have a provision for an alternate qualification to become endorsed by the CDI. 

Please contact CDI Head of Professional Development and Standards, who will be able to advise you about our Alternative Qualifications and Competency Routes to the Register.

What are some things to keep in mind when I'm completing my Register Profile?

Please remember that all of the fields are compulsory. This includes the website field. If you do not have your own website please use

The postcode you use for Location will dictate the map which appears next to your profile.

Please remember to click on Update Profile at the bottom of the page once you have completed or edited your profile.

Why does my CPD Record only save as a draft?

All fields need to be completed with the exception of Evidence and Competencies which are optional.

If you have draft records saved on the system, please go to edit, complete all of the required fields and then click Save.

What do I do if a page does not work?

Please clear your cache by clicking on Control F5 on your keyboard. If it still doesn’t work please clear your Cookies (consult your browser Help and Support section for detailed information on this.). If the issue persists please contact

Why do Career Matters, NICEC Journal or other CPD Resources fail to download?

Please email to report which resources fail to download and we will look into this with the website developer. Please include your CDI Membership Number when you email Lyn.

I’m using Microsoft Edge as my browser and cannot access the CPD Resources or have trouble using the date picker and making a CPD Record – why is this?

In spite of their best efforts the website developer has experienced problems if Microsoft Edge is used for accessing these pages. Please try using Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox instead.

Where do I add new CPD Records?

If you are on the Register, go to the Members’ only area and click on Access your CPD.

If you are a CDI Member and not on the Register, go to the Members’ only area and click on your CPD Diary.

There are different interfaces depending on whether you are a Registered Professional Member or a Member.

I work for Careers Wales and cannot log in, why is this?

Please check which email address you are using to login. We use whichever one was provided to us by Careers Wales for you. This may be a one or a gyrfacymru one. If one does not work please try logging in with the alternative. If the issue persists please contact

Are there set dates for recording CPD?

Your CPD recording year and 25 hour requirement starts from when you join the Register.

Having any trouble?

Having any trouble?

Do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime.