Qualifications required

Registered Career Development Professional qualified to provide personal career guidance/coaching hold a full qualification in career development at graduate level or above 


Registered Careers Leader hold a minimum of a 20-credit graduate level or above qualification in career leadership/careers education 

Full details of the qualifications accepted for the Register can be found here.

You must be able to provide copies of your original certificates to the CDI on request. 

Please note that some employers have specific qualification requirements above the minimum level needed to join the Register.  

If you hold a qualification which you think should be considered, or if you hold a Masters/ Post Graduate Diploma/Post Graduate Certificate in Management taken within the context of career development or a career development qualification which was undertaken overseas please contact the CDI Head of Professional Development and Standards for advice. 

Other routes to the Register

If you do not hold one of the qualifications listed, the CDI also offers these two routes to the Register: 

  • Alternative Qualifications Route 
  • Competency Route

For details of these please contact the CDI Head of Professional Development and Standards.


Your main job role needs to involve delivering career development activities or services to an individual or a group of individuals through any medium.  You can also be on the Register if you are in a management role or related occupations (e.g. in research, consultancy or training) and do not work directly with users of career development activities and services. 

Students who have recently completed their qualification and people who are qualified and seeking work may also join the Register. 

Maintaining your place on the Register

If you are on the UK Register of Career Development Professionals, you must be able to evidence at least 25 hours CPD annually from the date you join the Register. Meeting of this Register requirement is checked annually by the CDI Head of Professional Development and Standards. 

This needs to relate to your work role and you must record this in the CPD diary on this website. 

It can be provided by your employer, another organisation or by the CDI. 

Details of the CPD opportunities provided by the CDI can be found at: 

Please also see the CDI Membership Guide 

CPD recording is monitored by the CDI Head of Professional Development and Standards each year. Failure to meet the CPD requirements can result in removal from the Register.  

  • Using the CPD Diary to record your CPD  
Having any trouble?

Having any trouble?

Do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime.