Throughout the career development sector, supervision plays a critical role in personal development and sustaining good practice within ethical and organisational standards. 

Supervision sessions offer a neutral and safe space in which to explore and develop practice. They can provide information, clarity, guidance, challenge, insight and validation of career development practice.  As a powerful vehicle for deep learning and enhanced wellbeing it is a key part of professional practice and has long term benefits to the individual, their organisation (if appropriate) and the client. 

Guidance on the Benefits and Delivery of Supervision in the Career Development Sector

In response to requests from CDI Members, the CDI Guidance on the Benefits and Delivery of Supervision report has been written by Registered Career Development Professionals, Rachel Mallows and John Walker, supported by the CDI’s Professional Standards Committee and Head of Professional Development and Standards. 

Whether you are thinking of training to be a supervisor or thinking about asking for supervision in your role, this guidance works through the basics of setting up that structure and pointing to additional resources and support. 

The guidance covers the following areas: 

  • Key Benefits of supervision; 
  • Definitions of supervision; 
  • Key activities involved in supervision; 
  • Explanation of the two forms of supervision; 
  • Internal and External Supervision; 
  • Reflective Practice in supervision; 
  • Models of supervision; 
  • Linking supervision to the CDI Code of Ethics; 
  • Skills of the supervisor; 
  • Skills of the supervisee; 
  • What can help things go right; 
  • What happens if things go wrong; 
  • Case Studies; 
  • Sources of Training; 
  • Finding a supervisor; 
  • Further Information and References. 

We will be offering training for Supervisors and Supervisees via Moodle during 2023. 

Details will be available through the CDI Training and Events Programme

For further information on the guidance document and plans for future training sessions please contact the CDI Head of Professional Development and Standards,

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