The CDI Council

The CDI Council is an advisory body that represents the interests of the membership. The purpose of the Council is two-fold: 

  • To provide feedback, updates and input from Regional and Nations members to inform CDI activities
  • To consider reports from the CDI Board and provide advice based on the interests of the profession

The Council is made up of: 

  • The CDI President who chairs the Council
  • President Elect 
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Chief Executive
  • A representative from each of the regions of England and the nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Members of the CDI Executive and Board may also attend meetings.

The CDI Council meets twice a year and members of the council will: 

  • Provide a regional and nations focus by consulting with local members and providing feedback in the council.
  • Contribute to business and strategic plans by reviewing and discussing reports submitted by the Board.
  • Take part in the judging panels for the UK Career Development Awards.
Having any trouble?

Having any trouble?

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