Q: Do I need to be a practitioner to become a CDI member?

Our individual membership is open to everyone, whether you are practising in the career development sector or you have an interest in this area.

Our members represent the breadth of the career development sector, across the UK and internationally, including career advisers and careers leaders, personal advisers, career coaches, employability coaches and advisers, career management consultants, managers and human resource specialists, and writers and researchers.

Members also include a wide range of career-sector organisations, and students studying qualifications through universities, work placements, or distance learning courses. 

Does the £105 I pay for membership also cover membership of the Register of Career Development Professionals?

No. There are two lots of fees to pay. Membership of the CDI costs £105 (plus a one-off £25 admin fee). If in addition you wish to join the Professional Register, the cost is £55 in the first year and £25 thereafter to maintain your registration.

Can I join the UK Register of Career Development Professionals?

You can apply to join the Register if you meet any of the qualification requirements listed below.

There are two categories of Registered Professional membership.

  1. Registered Career Development Professional proving qualification at a minimum of 60 credits at QCF Level 6/SCQF level 11 or above in a career development subject, adherence to the CDI Code of Ethics and the undertaking and recording of a minimum of 25 hours CPD per year. This is the level of qualification needed to provide personal careers guidance.
  2. Registered Careers Leader proving qualification at a minimum of 20 credits at QCF level 6 or above in careers leadership/education, adherence to the CDI Code of Ethics and the undertaking and recording of a minimum of 25 hours CPD per year. This does not qualify you to provide personal careers guidance. 

    You will need to be a CDI member to apply to be on the Register. To apply to become a registered member, please fill out the form here.

    If you are already a CDI member, please contact us to upgrade your membership. 

Why can't I be on both the RCDP & the RCL listing pages?

We are trying to make the distinction between people who are qualified to provide personal career guidance/development (RCDP) and those who are qualified in careers leadership (RCL) but who are not qualified to provide personal career guidance/development. On the RCDP page it explains that some people will also be qualified in careers leadership. Adding a register profile will enable you to explain the range of career development services you offer including, if relevant, careers leadership.

If I join as an organisation or school affiliate member, can all employees access membership benefits?

For affiliate memberships, only the named contact will receive the membership benefits on the organisation's behalf. Membership benefits cannot be shared among a careers team or group of employees. 

The named contact is entitled to bring two other colleagues along to events (paid for events will be chargeable at the reduced member rate for each attendee). If colleagues would like to attend an event, then please contact the events team to let them know, so they can confirm availability and your places.

If you would like all your employees to access membership benefits, then you may wish to consider our group membership scheme, where we offer a discount for groups of 10+ members. This offer also applies to academy schools looking to sign up multiple school affiliates. 

If your named contact changes throughout the membership term, we can update the contact information on file, but we do limit how often this can be done over the course of the 12 month membership. 

*Please note: affiliate membership cannot be used in conjunction with CDI Academy courses or to meet the membership requirement for the UK Register of Career Development Professionals.

How much is membership if I start half way through the year?

Your membership will start from the day that your membership is activated (you will receive a welcome email and confirmation of payment). Your membership will renew 12 months from this date and we will contact you to remind you nearer the time.

How much is the joining fee?

The one-off joining fee is £25.00 and payable when you sign up for membership.

Will I still need to pay the joining fee if I am no longer a member and decide to re-join?

For accounts that were closed over 12 months ago, we will need to set you up a new account (and usually, a new membership number), which will incur a joining fee. 

If your membership finished in the last 12 months or was lapsed due to non-payment, then please contact the membership team to discuss this.

When will I receive my membership certificate?

Your membership certificate will be sent out to you with the October version of Career Matters magazine. To guarantee the safe arrival of your certificate, please ensure your address details are correct and up to date in the Members' Area by the end of September.

What Membership type is required for CDI Academy courses?

All CDI Academy courses require an Individual Membership in the name of the attendee. Accredited Academy courses cannot be undertaken with a School or Affiliate Organisation membership, and you will be required to purchase an Individual Membership to continue your accredited course. 

Is there a membership category for unwaged members?

No. Also currently there are no fee reductions for unwaged members to attend events.

Does the CDI offer fellowships and life membership?

In 2020 we introduced a system of Fellowships, well recognised in professional associations, to distinguish and honour the commitment of eminent members who have contributed to both the development of the CDI and the career development profession.

Our Fellows will play an important role for us as champions of career development and ambassadors for the CDI. Importantly, to be considered for a Fellowship, it is expected that members will have made a significant contribution to elements of career development practice.

You can read more about out Fellowships, and those who have been awarded one, on the CDI Fellowships page. 

Having any trouble?

Having any trouble?

Do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime.