Benefits of Being on the Register

Use the logo and post nominals to prove that you are a professional 

As a Registered Career Development Professional qualified to provide personal career guidance/coaching you can use the RCDP logo and put RCDP after your name. 

As a Registered Careers Leader qualified to lead and manage career-related learning in organisations, you can use the RCL logo and put RCL after your name. 

Promote yourself with the RCDP lapel badge

As a Registered Professional member of the CDI you can promote yourself by wearing the CDI Registered Career Development Professional lapel badge, available upon request. 

Promote your career development services 

Potential clients, employers and contractors can use the Find A Registered Career Development Professional to find registered professionals in their area and also check that you are on the Register. 

Your Register Profile enables you to promote the services you offer as a self-employed professional. If you are employed, you can also do this by adding a profile showing what services are offered by your company. 

This short information video has been created by a few of our Registered Career Development Professionals to encourage members of the public to use the Register to identify qualified practitioners. 

Find more information about the Register and it's requirements

Sue Edwards RCDP, Senior Lecturer in Career Guidance. University of Huddersfield

Sue Edwards

"Joining the register was important to me as a way of acknowledging in a public and formal way my professional identify as a Careers Development Practitioner. My hope is that as the number of people on the professional register grows, that the wider value of professionally qualified practitioners will increase helping to raise the professional profile of careers development work among both the public and the policy makers."

Pritpal Kalsi RCDP, Careers Adviser, Skills Development Scotland

Pritpal Kalsi

“Being a member of the CDI and on the professional register emphasises the professional standards that I maintain in my ethical consideration for the clients I meet on a day-to-day basis. It gives further assurances and credibility to parents/caregivers that I am professionally trained and qualified to provide career guidance and development to the pupils I support in school.”

Lisa LaRue RCDP, Career Coach at CareerWorx and The Career Happiness Coach

Lisa LaRue

“As a career coach working with individuals and organisations, being on the Register enables me to demonstrate to potential clients and partners that I meet the standards necessary to practice as a career development professional. It confirms I have the qualifications, and commitment to ongoing professional development and that I adhere to the CDI’s Code of Ethics and professional standards.”

Avril Hannon RCDP, Chair of CDI Ethics and Professional Standards Committee, 2016 - 2023

Avril Hannon

“I joined the Register as soon as it was available to members in 2013 because I believe that a strong professional register, representative of all sectors of Career Development, is essential to achieving the status that the profession deserves.  If the public are to be protected from sub-standard advice and guidance, and Career Development professionals are to receive recognition for their qualifications and expertise we need a robust, public Register. CDI members should be proud to put the letters RCDP after their names.”

Cordelia Wise RCDP, Freelance Career Coach

Cordelia Wise

"I joined the register when I first started working as a freelancer.  At the time, it was important to me to be able to provide evidence of my qualifications to potential clients.  I have grown to appreciate the fact that the register also ties you to a community of practitioners, keeps you accountable for keeping on top of CPD and to the code of ethics, has been a source of enquiries and gives a flavour of the wide range of careers professionals working in many different areas and fields."

Mark Yates RCDP, Careers Adviser, Writtle University College, freelance Adviser and Assessor

Mark Yates

“I joined the register to demonstrate I'm a qualified professional. It's been useful to be able to tell organisations and clients that I'm on the register, to 'showcase' my professionalism and qualifications. Maintaining my registration through the CPD requirements is an invaluable aspect too, as it's been essential for some roles I've done to show I am up to date with my own CPD.”

Ciara Bomford RCDP, People Development Manager, Careers Wales

Ciara Bomford

“I believe the Register is important as it helps potential clients/customers and employers, to recognise people who are fully qualified to deliver career guidance and coaching, and who are committed to keeping their CPD up to date and working in an ethical way.  There are many people who promote themselves as careers coaches or influencers, or who offer employability support, and it can be very hard for people to understand what is being offered.  The Register helps people to recognise those who are fully equipped to offer specialist careers support, and it helps to raise and maintain standards across the profession, by ensuring that we all make time for CPD and continuously improve our skills and knowledge.”

Hannah Courtney-Bennett RCDP, Chartered Psychologist & Career Coach

Hannah Courtney-Bennett

"The register is there for prospective clients to research Career Development Professionals and make contact with them for their services – I get three or four clients per year through this route. In addition it is useful for us within the profession to find out more about likeminded experts within our geographical area and make contact with them for networking purposes."

Mark Fox RCDP, Careers Hub Facilitator, North East England

Mark Fox

"I joined the Register because I feel it is important for the schools and colleges I work with to know that I am a qualified guidance practitioner and can speak with authority on the subject of careers education and guidance with the backing of my professional body. Being on the Register provides evidence of my qualification level and expertise."

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Having any trouble?

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