Helping your clients find their purpose

Helping your clients find their purpose

Do you want to help your clients to establish purpose in their work? To find a meaningful and sustainable way of working with purpose? Then join us for this interactive and hands-on expert workshop, where we will learn a practical, five-step approach to help your clients to find purpose in their work.

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  • Date

    09 Oct 2024
  • Time

    10:00 AM
  • Duration

    2 hour(s)
  • Venue

    Online Webinar
Recently many people have been experiencing challenging working and living situations which can leave them feeling lost and disorientated. Some are questioning ‘what do I want from my work?’, others may be experiencing precarious working conditions. Many will be considering how they can make their work and life more meaningful and sustainable within this ‘new normal’. Now is a perfect time to work with our clients to establish their purpose and to find meaningful, sustainable ways of working and living.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Use a practical method for finding and crystallising true purpose for your clients
  • Integrate and adapt this method to your work with different individual clients and groups
  • Generate income, where relevant, from client work on finding your purpose


Some client scenarios where finding your purpose can be applied: 

Clients who are:

  • at the beginning of their career, feeling unsure of how to enter the world of work
  • during their mid-life (40-60 years old) and are unsure about their next career and life step
  • facing redundancy, feeling lost and unclear how to find work that is meaningful
  • in work and feeling dis-satisfied and unfulfilled, thinking ‘Is this it?’
  • burnt out and questioning ‘How can I sustain work for the years ahead?’




Setting the scene

  • Outcomes, deliverables, personal check-in

Exploring the benefits of doing this work

  • Short input session to explore the benefits of helping our clients to find their purpose, followed by group input session to enhance our understanding

Walking through the five step: ‘Finding Your Purpose’ approach

  • Providing a full orientation to this approach
  • Answering questions for clarity and understanding as we go

Clarifying the different scenarios where we can use this approach with clients

  • Short input session with pointers, followed by group activity to enrich this thinking leading to group share

Generating opportunities to use this approach with our clients

  • Individual reflection exercise, followed by pairs discussion
  • Sharing in plenary key opportunities, to promote our learning

Questions and answers

  • Final Q&A session to answer any remaining questions


Presenter biography

The expert session presenter is Dr Cathy Brown. She is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist who runs her own organisational development consultancy ( where she works with individuals, teams and business to manage transitions and change. Over the past 17 years, she has helped hundreds of clients to undertake career transitions and change, and to realise their own career ambitions. Within her areas of expertise, she writes books (under the brand Testing the Water®), articles, speaks at conferences and is a guest lecturer on Masters courses at several universities. More latterly, she has been awarded a PhD within field of career mobility. 

Client feedback who found their purpose using this approach 

  • “I have worked with Cathy for a few years now and found her to be a truly inspirational coach and trainer. Recently I have spent time working with her on ‘finding your purpose’ which was hugely beneficial in helping me make some key decisions.”
  • “I worked with Cathy with a view to establishing better clarity of my 'Purpose' and thankfully that was achieved. However beyond that I gained so much more value through the dialogue we had on the journey to achieving the above.”
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