How a career development professional can help you

Having a career development conversation with a qualified Career Development Professional gives you the opportunity for a confidential, unbiased discussion focused on you. This will help you to gain career development skills which you can use throughout your life and take account of any changes in society, technology and the economy. These skills include:


  • what you want your life to be and the balanced role that work can play in a happy life;
  • your personal qualities, values and beliefs and how these could align with the type of work you would like to do; 
  • your levels of motivation, curiosity, confidence and resilience in taking the next step and how to increase these if necessary; 
  • your current interests, skills, knowledge and experiences and how these can be developed to meet the demands of work roles; 
  • the labour market opportunities available both now and in the future;
  • how to find and evaluate information and support for your career development;
  • the learning and training needed for work roles and which you would prefer; 
  • your current situation, any challenges you may have and how to overcome these.


  • on a course of action which is justifiable and realistic and for which you have the motivation and confidence to take the next steps;
  • with whom you could connect to help make your plans a reality and create opportunities.

Getting Careers Advice (Guidance)

Registered Career Development Professionals are qualified to at least graduate level to provide careers advice and guidance to people of all ages and from all communities. 

They can inspire you by: enabling you to consider your circumstances, values and aspirations; confront any challenges; strengthen motivation; build resilience, confidence and curiosity; develop new perspectives; learn about relevant careers, jobs and the labour market; justify your thinking and be happy with the plan that you make to achieve your career goal. Skills which will also help you to plan your future career.  

Having any trouble?

Having any trouble?

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