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The Company

The Articles of Association , Objects and Powers and Company Rules  set out what the CDI can do and how it will operate.

The CDI is a company limited by guarantee and started trading on April 2 2013. The Articles, Objects and Rules were updated in 2015.

The Company Articles have been written in a manner that will enable the CDI to apply in due course for charitable status. The objectives of the CDI are:
The improvement of the quality and availability of career development services to adults and young people through:

(a) The promotion of public understanding of Career Development

(b) The development and maintenance of standards of professional practice in Career Development

(c) The provision of advice on Career Development to policymakers, practitioners and other interested parties

Governing documents of the CDI

  • The Articles of Association: is the legal document. Lodged with Companies House. The Articles lay down the formal procedures of Governance
  • The Company Rules: govern the day to day operations or the Institute. They can be amended by the members at a General Meeting, with the support of the Council and Board.

Details of the Membership Constituencies (2015).

The Constitution of the CDI

The CDI is a membership body, owned by its members, who ultimately decide how it will develop. The members do this informally through discussion and debate, and formally by electing members to the three key bodies. Some of these posts are elected by the full membership and some by constituency.

  • The Company Board: manages the business of the Institute. It comprises six Directors elected by the full membership (including President, Vice-President, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer) and up to six co-opted ones.

Current Board Members are:

Laura Bell -
Monica Lemecha -
Hon Secretary
Craig Garton Stephanie Rix Tom Evans
Dave Cordle President Elect  Julie-Anne Jamieson Kath Wright Nicolette Wykeman Nicki Moore
  • The Council: represents the membership, and advises the Board on policy. It comprises up to 20 members. Two are elected by each of the three professional constituencies, and one from each national constituency.  The council also includes the President (who chairs), President Elect, and Hon Secretary, and up to 2 co-opted members.
Laura Bell - President Janet Colledge - Career Education Monica Lemecha - Hon Secretary
Kath Wright - Career Education Jill Collins - England Mark Yates - Career Guidance and Career Coaching
  • The Professional Standards Committee: is the only standing committee of the CDI. It oversees and advises the Board on the maintenance of professional standards and qualifications. It is also responsible for dealing with complaints and disciplinary issues. It comprises a chair (elected by all the members); one representative from each professional and each national constituency. 
Avril Hannon(Chair)  Elaine Watson Rebecca Towner Lydia Lauder Elaine Newell
Janet Davies Susanne Christian Mark Yates Siobhan Neary  John Walker

A longer term aim is to become a Chartered Professional Body, when membership and Professional Register have grown to an appropriate size and we have the administration and necessary quality and support systems in place.

The Board

New appointments - December 2018

Following the recent scheduling of elections we are able to report that as there was only one nominee for each post it was not necessary to submit the nominees to the membership for election. We are therefore pleased to announce the following members have been appointed to the CDI Board for a term of office of three years.Read a short statement from each appointee

President Elect:  David Cordle

Board Director:  Craig Garton

Board Director:  Kath Wright

Honorary Secretary:  Monica I Lemecha

Board Meeting Summary Minutes

CDI Board May 2016 summary minutesCDI Board August 2016 summary minutesCDI Board November 2016 summary minutes

PSC Meeting Action Notes

PSC 9th April 2014; PSC 10th July 2014; PSC 7th December 2014 

PSC 10th February 2015; PSC 7th April 2015; PSC 9th June 2015; PSC 8th September 2015; PSC 8th December 2015

PSC 1st March 2016PSC 19th April 2016; PSC 27th September 2016

PSC 25th January 2017; PSC 5th June 2017; PSC 1st November 2017

PSC 30th January 2018PSC 5th June 2018  PSC 1st November 2018 

Council Meetings Action Notes

Summary of the September 2013 Council (London)

Summary of the May 2014 Council (Glasgow); Summary of the September 2014 Council (Cardiff)

Summary of the January 2015 Council (London)


The fourth AGM of the CDI will take place on Monday 4 December 2017 - Gloucester Suite 1, St John's Hotel, Solihull at 16.30. The Board and voting members will attend - 

The AGM is an open meeting but space for the attendance of non-voting members is limited. Please let the Honorary Secretary know if you wish to attend the meeting or send your apologies to:

Papers relating to the meeting will be available for the membership to access on the CDI website in the week commencing Monday 20 November 2017.