Careers Framework (2018)

The publication of the careers strategy for England (December 2017) and the new statutory guidance for schools and colleges on careers guidance and access for education and training providers (January 2018) is the right time to update the CDI framework for careers, employability and enterprise education. The below resources are provided to help support and strengthen the CDI framework across the sector. 

Framework and supporting resources

Framework for careers employability and enterprise education (March 2018)

SEND - PRU (Word | PDF)

Audit Against Learning Outcomes (Word | PDF)

Audit Against Key Stage  (Word | PDF)

Key Stage 2 - Learning Outcomes from CDI Framework - Children (suggested evidence) (Word | PDF)

Key Stage 3 - Learning Outcomes from CDI Framework - Pupil (suggested evidence) (Word | PDF)

Key Stage 4 - Learning Outcomes from CDI Framework - Pupil (blank) (Word | PDF)

Post-16 Learning Outcome Statements (Word | PDF)

Curriculum Audit - Key Stage 2 (Word | PDF)

Curriculum Audit Sheet (Word PDF)

Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit 

The SEND Gatsby Benchmark Toolkit

Other useful documents

Careers Guidance in Schools and Colleges: A Guide to Best Practice in Commissioning Independent Career Guidance Services - published by the CDI (June 2018) Commissioning Guide - Annexes 

Equipping the young people of today for the career choices of the future personal career guidance - an explanation of personal career guidance published by the CDI (May 2018)