Registered Professional Member

If you hold a relevant qualification, you can join the CDI as a Registered Professional Member from the outset; the price is £160. This is a saving of £25 as we waive the usual one off £25 admin fee if you join as a CDI member and join the Register at the same time.
If you are already a CDI member then the cost of joining the register is an initial  £55 with an annual renewal of £25. You cannot be on the Register unless you are a full CDI individual member which costs £105 per year.  

Doctors, lawyers, teachers are seen as professional roles with an expectation of professional qualification, ethical and reflective practice. We uphold these and the other hallmarks of professionalism: regularly updating our skills and knowledge and advocating on behalf of our profession.

It is important that we all speak loudly that we are professionals. Working together we can raise levels of understanding about the value of career development. Being a Registered Professional will help you to promote your professional status to everyone with whom you work.

Proving that you are a professionalRegistered Professional logo-2015

Becoming a member of the CDI brings a wide range of benefits and if you also join the UK Register of Career Development Professionals (sometimes referred to as ‘the Register’) you are demonstrating that you are professionally qualified in a career development subject to a minimum of 60 credits at QCF Level 6/SCQF level 11 and adhere to the CDI Code of Ethics. This qualification allows you to provide personal career guidance/coaching to clients of all ages. 

You can then call yourself a Registered Career Development Professional and use the RCDP logo and post nominals RCDP provided that you agree to undertake and record a minimum of 25 hours CPD each year.

We also have a section of the Register for qualified Careers Leaders. This registrations shows that you hold a minimum of a 20 credit qualification in careers leadership/education at QCF level 6 or above. 

The Register is important

The Register is the UK-wide point of reference for ensuring and promoting the professional status of career practitioners across the whole sector to other members of the profession, customers and employers, as well as policy makers, funders and all other stakeholders.

The Register isn’t just for private practitioners. It is for everyone providing career development services, e.g. career advisers, career coaches, career leaders in schools and colleges, talent managers, and career consultants’ et al.

The important point is that you hold one of the qualifications listed in our Register brochure and abide by the CDI Code of Ethics.

Once you are on the Register, we encourage you to place a Personal Profile on the CDI website which allows potential clients to be able to search for a registrants in their area. Your details will also be included in the new online Directories of Registered Career Development Professionals or Registered Careers Leaders. These directories are updated quarterly. 

 To join as a Registered Member and take advantage of the £25 discount please go to Join Us

Your questions answered

If you have any questions or do not hold one of the relevant qualifications please contact the CDI Professional Development Manager, who will be able to advise you about our Alternative Qualifications and Competency Routes to the Register.

Applying Online

Applying for membership is easy, you can either;