Covid-19 resources

With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the CDI began collating available resources that would benefit careers professionals during and after a rapid period of change.

Older workers after the pandemic: creating an inclusive workforce (Feb 2022) TUC report locates recent trends against the longer term picture, and advocates for a mid-life career review.

National Audit Office report on the Kickstart scheme (November 2021)

TUC Jobs and Recovery Monitor issue 8: Pay and the economy (October 2021)

A Resolution Foundation 3-year study of employment patterns and mental health of young people has produced two reports: Double Trouble (May 2021); Out of the Woods? (July 2021)

Briefing Paper - Careers advisers and careers leaders in the 21st century: managing the challenges of COVID-19 - CDI (prepared by Barnes and Nix, March 2021)

Employment in the UK: February 2021 details the disproportionate effect on young people - ONS Statistical Bulletin

Working mums and Covid-19: paying the price - TUC Equality Briefing (January 2021)

Lockdown lessons: what 2020 has to teach us about the difficult weeks ahead - Resolution Foundation (January 2021)

Covid-19 and the youth labour market - CIPD (December 2020)

Career guidance policy and practice in the pandemic: results of a joint international survey - Cedefop (December 2020)

Gaining in-depth student insights during a pandemic - Lauder, OU/AGCAS Phoenix (October 2020)

Jobs, jobs, jobs: evaluating the effects of the current economic crisis on the UK labour market - Resolution Foundation (October 2020)

Generation COVID: emerging work and education inequalities - LSE Centre for Economic Performance (October 2020) and associated BBC Panorama programme Has Covid stolen my future?

One in 10 young people lost their job during Covid-19 pandemic - LSE blogpost (October 2020)

Youth Report: a million reasons to act - Alliance for Full Employment (October 2020)

The demographics of furlough and claimant counts  Analysis by sex and age - Emsi (October 2020)

Returning to Schools and Colleges: Guidance on face-to-face working this autumn - CDI (August 2020)

A mid-life employment crisis: how Covid-19 will affect the job prospects of older workers - Centre for Ageing Better (August 2020)

Career guidance and the Plan for Jobs: ensuring impact - Briefing by the Career Development Policy Group (August 2020)

Young people and Covid-19: how the pandemic has affected careers experiences and aspirations - Engineering UK survey covering intentions towards STEM, gender differences and experience of career support (August 2020)

What are the implications of Covid-19 for student recruitment to T Levels? - NFER paper from a consultation webinar (July 2020)

FE News coverage of support for the Career Guidance Guarantee letter sent to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson (July 2020)

An analysis of May claimant counts and the furlough scheme - looks at change and at absolute numbers by local authority area (Emsi, June 2020)

Towards a robust, resilient wellbeing economy for Scotland argues for a guarantee of two years secure employment for young people - Scottish Government Advisory Group on Economic Recovery (June 2020)

Opportunity Guarantee: an open letter to the Prime Minister - CDI with numerous other organisations (June 2020)

 An emergency career development plan to maintain productivity and progression post-Covid-19 - Career Development Policy Group (June 2020)

Covid-19 impact - a report on the effects of Covid-19 on students' wellbeing and next steps - Unifrog (June 2020)

Reports on the impact of Covid-19 on the economic situation in Scotland (08 June 2020) and Wales (April 2020)

Covid-19: Where Do I Go for Careers Support?-  dmh associates, supported by CDI and Careers England (May 2020)

Education Select Committee - Call for evidence: The impact of COVID-19 on education and children’s services - CDI (May 2020)

Taskforce on employment and career development as part of the response to Covid-19 - Career Development Policy Group (May 2020) 

Help wanted: getting Britain back to work - Learning and Work Institute (May 2020)

School-to-work transitions during coronavirus: Lessons from the 2008 global financial crisis - OECD Education and Skills Today, written by Ingrid Schoon, UCL Institute of Education and Anthony Mann, OECD (May 2020)

Help wanted: getting Britain back to work - prepared by a group of experts from research institutes, think tanks, former government advisers, labour market experts and organisations working in education, training and employment services (May 2020)

Growing pains: the impact of leaving education during a recession on earnings and employment - Resolution Foundation Briefing paper, supported by Nuffield Foundation (May 2020)

Class of 2020: Education leavers in the current crisis - Resolution Foundation Briefing paper, supported by Nuffield Foundation (May 2020)

Covid-19 impacts: university access - Sutton Trust (May 2020)

Securing a place for young people in the nation's economic recovery: a rapid response to Covid-19 - Youth Employment Group (May 2020)

Covid-19 and social mobility - LSE Centre for Economic Performance (May 2020)

Navigating the storm: the role of careers services during a pandemic - Article by Hooley and Binnie in Prospects Luminate (May 2020)

Seven days, seven ways: how career development prepared me for this pandemic - Sareena Hopkins, CCDF (May 2020)

Call for 'September Promise' from Education Secretary as 100,000 young people may struggle to enter the labour market after Covid19 - Association of Colleges (May 2020)

Preventing exclusion from the labour market: tackling the Covid-19 youth employment crisis - ILO Policy Brief (May 2020)

Young people face a jobless future - unless ministers learn from the past - Polly Toynbee in The Guardian (01 May 2020)

Do the self-employed have a future in the UK? Blog by Chris Warhurst, Warwick Institute for Employment Research, on the risks facing the 16% of the UK workforce that is self-employed, and government action that is needed (April 2020)

Open for business? Students' views on entering the labour market - Higher Education Policy Institute, Policy Note 22 (April 2020)

The Apprenticeship Sector's resilience to Covid-19 - Briefing note by the Federation of Industry Sector Skills & Standards (April 2020)

Covid-19 and post-16 education: planning for a very different September - discussion paper by NCFE and the Campaign for Learning (April 2020)

Young, vulnerable, and increasing - why we need to start worrying more about youth unemployment - Youth Futures Foundation and Impetus (April 2020)

Out of Sight? Vulnerable young people: Covid-19 response - National Youth Agency (April 2020)

Risky business - economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis on different groups of workers - Resolution Foundation (April 2020)

The coronavirus is a time when career guidance is desperately needed - Tristram Hooley interview with Educaweb (April 2020)

Covid-19 and the career development sector: impact and recommendations - Canadian Career Development Foundation (April 2020)


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