matrix Standard

matrix is an international quality standard and helps organisations improve their IAG provision through benchmarking against best practice and with accreditation for those who's services meet the criteria of the full standard.

The matrix Standard is the Department for Education’s (DfE) Standard for information, advice and guidance services. The Standard assures high quality service delivery in over 1,500 organisations many of which hold government contracts to deliver services such as the National Careers Service, Further Education and Adult Education. The Standard has been aligned with other Frameworks such as the Gatsby Benchmarks and the Ofsted Education Inspection Framework. The DfE's Statutory Guidance states: 

"We require colleges to hold the matrix Standard if they are in receipt of funding from the Education and Skills Funding Agency adult education budget." p.13

Independent Assessors review the services and confirm whether all the criteria have been met, including both processes and outcomes. Meeting the criteria allows providers to display the matrix quality mark as a sign that their information, advice and guidance services meet the highest standards.

The matrix Standard is managed by The Growth Company. The Standard underwent a review which completed in 2023, and the CDI was represented on the Steering Group for the review and contributed to the creation of guidance on using the new Standard in the careers profession.

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