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What does it measure?

CTRL measures your confidence in using different types of digital skill in typical workplace scenarios for Creation, Transaction, Responsibility and Learning.

CREATION covers creating digital resources, digital research skills, assessing suitability of different tools, as well as managing and backing up digital assets.

TRANSACTION covers digital communication, marketing and promotion, data and records, planning and collaboration.

RESPONSIBILITY covers digital accessibility and inclusion, maintaining device and data security, managing and promoting wellbeing online, and self-sufficiency in problem solving.

LEARNING covers participation in online continuous professional development and training, planning and creation of learning for digital platforms, planning and delivery of learning, guidance and coaching online.

How is CDI using and developing the CTRL tool?

The CDI uses anonymous data from the tool to further develop CTRL, supporting resources and additional CPD support. The CDI also collects aggregate data on the characteristics of those using the tool. This usage is all in accordance with our GDPR compliance statement and privacy policy

  • Reporting and comparison of average scores by areas.
  • Data on areas of work of those taking the survey – e.g. school, FE, HE.

We use the data collected to refine the CTRL model, exploring further research options to confirm validity and reliability of the measure and to help develop future CPD resources.

We welcome suggestions for resources and links that can be added to the suggested support.

We can provide bespoke versions of this tool for individual organisations, featuring tailored resources and internal links. Please contact dan.hope@thecdi.net for more information.

Try the CTRL assessment now

Take the assessment by clicking the link or using the QR code with the camera on your mobile phone.


Once you've completed the assessment, you'll receive an automated PDF report by email, giving you the results of the assessment and suggesting resources that an help you further develop your digital skills.

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Having any trouble?

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