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As part of the EDI Strategy, the CDI aims to deepen the conversation around diversity and how we address these topics in our professional practice. The links below have been curated to provide access to key resources to further the understanding and capabilities of careers professionals with regard to diversity.

Race and Diversity



Talking about racism in the UK and ‘white privilege’ (read the comments on the video, a lot of opposing views and opinions).



A 2021 report by Indeed covers race and other characteristics, with research into the UK workplace and advice on good practice. Time for change: Diversity, inclusion and belonging in the UK workplace

BBC Analysis programme on combatting racism - For many white people their race is not part of their identity. Race, racial inequality and racism are things that people of colour are expected to talk about and organise around. Not anymore. Anti-racist activists and academics are now urging white people to recognise that they are just as racialised as minorities. The way to successfully tackle structural racism, they say, is to get white people to start taking responsibility for the racially unjust status quo.

Unconscious bias

BBC podcast on 'I can't be racist' - Social psychologist Dr Keon West explores racial bias, and the concepts of both conscious and unconscious bias, drawing on the latest psychological and sociological research. He examines common misconceptions surrounding racism and examines how bias is formed, asking how far we are responsible for our unconscious associations.

Addressing unconscious bias and white privilege in career guidance practice - This is an English language translation of an article commissioned by Skills Norway, and written by Uuganaa Ramsay, careers adviser, author and activist and Emma Bolger, lecturer, the MSc Career Guidance and Development at the University of the West of Scotland, published on 28 August 2020.

Vernā Myers – How to overcome our biases - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYyvbgINZkQ

Programme review on the gripping documentary aimed at educating children on unconscious bias and white privilege - https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/jun/25/the-school-that-tried-to-end-racism-review-white-privilege-unconscious-racial-bias

Recruitment platform that removes unconscious bias - https://www.beapplied.com/why-applied

Statistics on ethnic minority representation, pay gap in the workplace





Unleashing Creativity: Crafting Inclusive Career Development Resources with Canva

Lis McGuire is passionate about inclusive career development. As a registered career advisor working with diverse clients, Lis noticed a need for resources that challenged outdated perceptions of career and helped all clients see the possibilities.

Driven by this motivation, Lis turned to Canva to bring her idea for the Shape of Career card sort to life. In this article, Lis generously shares her top tips for using Canva to create engaging, accessible, and inclusive career resources.

Whether you're looking to make your career workshops more inclusive or develop new resources to reach underrepresented groups, Lis' insights on leveraging Canva will support you in unleashing creativity for equity in career development. Read on to find out more about learning from Lis' experience using this intuitive design platform to spread possibility.

TUC: Jobs and recovery monitor - BME workers

This TUC report looks at how the pandemic is impacting employment, unemployment and redundancies. There are clear signs in the latest labour market data of the negative impact: a record rise in unemployment and a record number of redundancies.

It then looks specifically at racial inequalities in the labour market, with a particular focus on how the already-high BME unemployment rate has increased since the start of the pandemic. There is a breakdown of BME employment by industry and as it affects young workers, which show early evidence of large falls in the number of BME workers in industries hit hard by the pandemic, especially when compared to the fall in the number of white employees within these industries. It also notes "almost half a million BME people suddenly missing from the statistics” which complicates the attempts as analysis.


Story from a CDI member


Specific resources and courses on those working with asylum seekers, immigrant population



Canada: Social justice and diversity

The current issue of Careering, Canada’s career magazine, is on the theme of Social Justice. It highlights the importance of understanding the context in which people pursue education and work – or are prevented from doing so to their full potential. It also reminds us that career development can be a powerful tool to challenge inequities and to advance the public good.  This link gives access to the digital magazine, and to a number of blog posts on the same range of topics. https://mailchi.mp/ceric.ca/careering-winter-2021-english-1349863?e=d3f357435e ;

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