Would You Rather Be

wyrb cover photoWe are Would You Rather Be and our mission is to democratise career happiness. We believe that everyone should be able to work in a career they will thrive in - from helping school pupils make those first steps to career changers with big decisions.

Our software is a careers mapping tool that helps users discover and get into a future-proofed career they’ll love, with hyper personalised pathways into careers and all of a user’s transferable skills calculated by award-winning AI.

Founded 2 years ago and supported by DfE through our win in Nesta’s CareerTech prize, we’ve now had over 75,000 users and work with careers advisors and services ranging from schools, colleges and universities - to outplacement services, independent coaches and directly to end users. We help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of guidance sessions, and provide data and analysis to our partners.

Here’s how WYRB works:

  1. Using comparative judgement through our AI-powered platform, users explore careers based on their interests, qualifications and skills 
  2. Our hyper-personalised Pathways tool calculates every step a user would personally need to take to enter into each career, along with the total time and cost for that route
  3. Finally, it identifies users’ most transferable skills. It tells people which of those skills are most relevant for each career and where they developed that skill, supporting them in crafting high impact job applications

We’re actively looking to increase our partnerships. For more information, please contact emma@wouldyouratherbe.com

Visit our website at www.wouldyouratherbe.com

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