Trotman Indigo

TI Logo StackedIn the 50+ years since we first started out, Trotman has been producing essential careers books written by leading contemporary careers education influencers.

Helping students get the careers they want, our products are designed to help you support them in making informed choices about their futures, and aid careers education professionals in providing first class careers guidance.

In 2019 we brought our knowledge and expertise online with the launch of Indigo.

With the specific aim of enabling all schools to deliver an excellent careers service, regardless of size or budget, it not only puts over 50 years of careers expertise at your fingertips, but it is constantly updated to reflect new courses and vocations.

The Unis module is exclusively powered by the bestselling universities guide HEAP, enabling students to explore all UK universities and courses and understand what they need to achieve to secure their place. We also offer a personal statement builder with key expert advice to help them stand out from the crowd.

If you would be interested in a free one month’s trial or demonstration of the service, please email

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