The Board

The CDI Board has overall responsibility for the management of the CDI, from defining the strategy and ensuring the organisation has robust business plans to achieve it, to maintaining oversight of the overall governance of the CDI.

The board is also responsible for the ongoing review and, where appropriate, updating of the CDI’s governance, in line with the processes set out in the governing documents. 

The board is chaired by the CDI President and comprises up to twelve directors, six of whom are elected by the full membership, up to four elected by the board and up to two co-opted by the board. The CDI President serves one two-year term, preceded by acting as president elect for a one-year term to ensure continuity. All other directors can serve up to two terms of three years each. 

The membership elected directors are the president, president elect, honorary secretary and three additional directors. 

Board minutes 

Board minutes are available to members on request. Please contact 

Finance Sub-Committee 

The board established a Finance Sub-Committee (FSC) in 2016 to enhance the governance of the CDI’s financial management. The FSC comprises three directors and the chief executive, with finance support. The FSC meets monthly and reviews the financial accounts of the CDI as well as other financial matters.