Career Guidance Guarantee: please add your support


Support the Career Guidance Guarantee

The Career Development Policy Group (CDPG) is urging the government, employers and key decision-makers to ensure everyone in England has access to lifelong career guidance.

 How to support the Guarantee

Over 400 fellow career development professionals attended the launch of the Guarantee, and we are asking everyone working in, or with an interest in career guidance, to show your support for the Guarantee, adding weight to our ask of politicians, major employers and key decision-makers. There are three ways you can show your support:

1. Become a signatory to the Guarantee.
2. Record a video of you, and your clients, talking about why access to career guidance is vital.
3. Write, share, retweet and comment online, using #CareerGuidanceGuarantee.

By adding your signature or uploading a video, you are agreeing to allow members of the CDPG to reference your support and share the content at future events and in materials promoting the Guarantee.

Become a signatory

We are urging career development professionals and political leaders to show their support for the Guarantee by submitting their signature here. By adding your name to the list of signatories, you are agreeing to allow us to reference your support for the Guarantee at events, in letters and other media and materials.

Please submit your signature here

Send a supporting video

Real stories about the impact of career guidance are immensely powerful so we’re asking if you, and any of your clients, could record a short video to explain the importance of career guidance to you. It would help if you could answer the following questions and keep your video to no more than two minutes:

  1. How has giving/receiving careers guidance made a difference to you?
  2. Why is it important to you that everyone has access to lifelong careers guidance?

 Please note that, due to the constraints of video length on social media, we may make selections from the video content that you have supplied.

 For helpful tips to record your video, please view our recording guide .

Please send your video to us at and include a completed 'media release form' (to confirm that you are happy for us to share your media).

You can see an example video below from Kieran Gordon, Executive Director, Careers England and member of the CDPG.

Talk about the Guarantee

As the CDPG we are a few voices, but as career development we are many. Please help us get the message heard as widely and loudly as possible by writing about, commenting on and retweeting the Career Guidance Guarantee, using the hashtag #CareerGuidanceGuarantee.