Submitting an entry


All entry material is now available to download below: 

Please do not be shy about applying. Self-nominations and entries from student members are welcome and encouraged.

Judging criteria

Please read this section carefully and note the specific criteria, where identified, for the Award that you re applying for.

Remember that the judges only have your application form to refer to, so it is important that you use the limited space to provide evidence against the criteria below.

Judging panels will use the following overarching criteria:

  • Excellent and evidenced response of professionalism/best practice/product/activity from customers/clients/staff/partner organisations
  • Contribution to the development of the profession/career development practices
  • A model of best practice – this is not about financial investment or people, but good practice
  • Evidence of inclusive practice and/or challenging stereotypes
  • Innovation – this is about value-added not scale or scope
  • Sustainability including evidence of impact and highlighting the longer term benefits to individuals/organisations
  • Adherence to the Award entry guidelines on the application form.

Additionally some awards will put increased emphasis on specific criteria

  1. All Individual Best Practice Awards
  • Judges will be looking for how the entrant has contributed to the career development profession through their individual practice;
  • How the nominated individual has identified their needs and developed themselves/invested in their CPD;
  • Future developments and sustainability – if you win this Award, how this will impact on how you work in the future;
  • It is desirable that applicants for individual best practice wards are on/in the process of joining the UK Register of Career Development Professionals

        2. In-company CPD Training Course/Programme

        Judges will be looking at how the programme addresses:

  • The purpose and designs of the annual CPD programme
  • Individual learning need;
  • Delivery – innovative approaches
  • Evaluation and continuous improvement

       3. Careers Programme in a Special School/College

          Judges will be interested in:

  • Work experience and employability programmes
  • Impact on young people - distance travelled

       4. Technology and Research Awards 

  • Judges will be looking for how the research/technology has contributed to the career development profession

Eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible to receive an individual best practice Award, you must either be a member of the CDI or an affiliate organisation.

Entrants to the In-company CPD Programme; Innovative and Impactful Employer Engagement Activity and Career Programme in a Special School/College best practice Awards do not need to be CDI Affiliate Organisations, although this is encouraged.

The Rodney Cox Lifetime Achievement Award will be nominated, agreed and presented by the CDI Board, led by the elected President.


The closing date for entries is Monday 31 December at 17.00. Please email to

The Board will shortlist in January and the final judging panels will be held in February 2019.

All short-listed entries must attend the Awards Dinner.

Awards dinner – Wednesday 6 March 2019

There will be one winner in each category. The winners will be announced at the UK Career Development Awards Dinner, on Wednesday 6 March 2019, at a special Awards Dinner to be held at the Queens Hotel, Leeds.

This black tie event was attended by over 120 guests last year and provides an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate and show case the very best UK-wide practice in career development. Please note all short-listed entrants MUST attend the Awards Dinner. Information about booking for this event will be published in early December.