Bringing in the client's voice

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Share your client's positive experience

At this year’s conference, we want to complement the wide range of thought leaders and experts with the voice of your clients. We’re looking for short client videos that share the difference your support made to their career and life journey. As well as being practitioners, some of you may have been clients yourselves, and we’d love to hear your story. Some tips when recording the video; 

  • This video will be aired at the conference and may be available online afterwards, so please don’t share anything that makes you uncomfortable. 
  • The recording doesn’t have to be professionally staged or use complex technology. It can be recorded on your mobile phone or camera. 
  • Please check that the sound is clear and the lighting means we can see you. 
  • Keep the video to 1-2 minutes – we know your story may deserve much longer than that, but the conference format means we need to keep it short. Here is an example from David Morgan, CEO of the CDI.

When recorded, please send your video to We’ll let you know we’ve received it and whether we’ll be able to use the recording at the conference. 

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