NRC23: Speakers' presentations and recordings

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We are grateful to our speakers for kindly sharing their presentations and videos (all content approved for sharing has been listed below).


Welcome and morning keynote

Chris Percy (Careers Researcher), Siobhan Neary (Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies iCeGS), Elaine Boyes (Executive Director, AGCAS): Watch video


National panel speakers

Watch panel video

Elnaz Kashefcakdel: View presentation

Fiona Christie: View presentation | Watch video


International panel speakers

Watch panel video

Lorraine Godden: View presentation

Nicki Moore: View presentation

Randi Skovhus: View presentation


Seminar speakers

Keren Coney: View presentation | Watch video

Maria Cecil: View presentation | Watch video

Polly Wiggins: View presentation | Watch video

Anne Delauzun: View presentation | Watch video

Cordelia Wise: View presentation | Watch video

Sophie Hall: View presentation | Watch video


Afternoon keynote and close

Watch video

Keynote speaker Sareena Hopkins: View presentation

Closing remarks: David Morgan (Chief Executive, CDI) and Gill Frigerio (Associate Professor, University of Warwick & Chair of NICEC): View presentation