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Growing the evidence base (NICEC/CDI Free Cutting Edge Event)

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We live in difficult times where unsubstantiated claims and fake news can lead to the impeachment of a President! What we need in careers work is policy and practice that is founded on an evidence base around which there can be both consensus and debate.

The purpose of this Cutting Edge event is to start a conversation between those working around the creation of evidence (researchers) and those using evidence to inform and enhance policy and practice (practitioners).

However, it will not have escaped your notice that researchers and practitioners are not discrete groups; practitioners undertake and use researched evidence, and researchers rely on practitioner knowledge to focus their research questions. This co-construction of evidence (or data) about careers work arguably strengthens it. Whether you are predominantly a practitioner or a researcher you will have something to contribute to this event because we assert that the moment at which researched data becomes evidence upon which to make decisions about policy and practice is when we both understand it and are motivated to use it.


By the end of the event, participants will have:

  • Considered the collection of meaningful data in careers work.
  • Explored the capacity for practitioner research to generate evidence.
  • Learned about how data collection can impact policy and practice in higher education.
  • Discussed how to assess a range of sources of evidence.
  • Reflected on the use of evidence in careers work.