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Shake up your practice with some new perspectives on tools and approaches that add value to your clients!

Peer learning & reflection



This session is about stepping back and thinking about how and why you use career tools in your practice, where do they add most value and where might they distract? What are your go to career tools and techniques, and how might you refresh or enrich your approach? Come prepared to share your own experience as well as being stimulated by some fresh ideas.

We would like participants to reflect on the role of tools in their practice before the session so that we focus on shared learning from the beginning of the workshop:

  • Why do you use tools in your practice ?
  • How do you choose which tools to work with ? 
  • And with whom?
  • How do you evaluate the impact of tools in your work ?


9.30 - 9.40 Introduction and welcome - Chaired by Rosemary McLean
9.40 - 10.10

Tools : Why, what and how? - Janet Sheath

We will start the day reflecting on the role of tools in your practice. We will work together in action learning groups to address the key issues, which you have identified working with tools in your career development work.

10.10 - 10.40

Drawing out skills evidence - John Lees

John will share an imaginative approach that helps to draw out motivated skills, encouraging your client to be really focused on specific actions, the way they used their skills to address a problem, and how they might approach the same problem again.

10.40 - 10.55

A fresh look at career matching - Michelle Stewart

Join Michelle in exploring the origins of 'matching', its application over time to career decision-making and the development of career-related tools, leading to Savickas' review of the concept in his transformational narrative approach and 'six questions'. A story not to be missed.

11.10 - 11.30

Getting creative - Rosemary McLean

Rosemary will demonstrate how the use of visual stimulus, metaphors and creative collage can be used to explore career identity and future goals. Especially useful in workshop settings.

11.30 - 11.55

Empowering job search - John Lees

John will share an exercise designed to apply creative problem solving to job search, enabling a client to propose their own steps and to visualise positive outcomes. It creates a picture of a positive outcome, and then asks open questions about what the client did to make this result happen.

11.55 - 12.10 Learning Review - Janet Sheath
12.10 - 12.30

Looking to the future & the rise of AI - Michael Larbalestier

Michael will round us off with a glimpse of just how much things like ChatGPT might impact on our practice.




Rosemary McLean

Rosemary is a registered Career Practitioner and Chartered Occupational Psychologist with many years’ experience in the careers field. She now enables organisations to develop and shape career development strategy to support business goals and align individual aspirations and passions with internal opportunities. Her consultancy work with The Career Innovation Company is evidence based applying systemic approaches to career development in organisations including the development of career frameworks. She also designs and delivers career development workshops and has developed a next generation on-line career development course ‘Be Bold in your Career’ to scale up meaningful careers support to people in the workplace. Rosemary has worked as a careers coach in both the career transition and careers guidance fields and is a CDI Legacy Fellow and mentor as well as a NICEC Fellow.


Janet Sheath

Janet is Programme Director for the Birkbeck, University of London Career Coaching Masters and Certificates programmes. She works across the practitioner / academic boundary, connecting career research and theory into the world of career coaching.

Janet runs her own Career Consultancy working with organisations to manage and develop careers. She also coaches individuals in career transition.

Janet consults to career agencies, trains and supervises experienced career coaches in the UK and Ireland and Germany and is a fellow of the National Institute of Career Education and Counselling.


John Lees

John has published 15 books on careers and work including 11 editions of How to Get a Job You Love. His books have been translated into Arabic, Georgian, Polish, Japanese and Spanish. John has delivered workshops in Ireland, Germany, Mauritius, the USA, South Africa, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. Recent corporate work includes projects with Boston Consulting Group, Careershifters, Deutsche Bank,

Firework Coaching, Imperial College, Manpower, The Met Office, The National Audit Office, and business schools across the UK. John is a graduate of the universities of Cambridge, London and Liverpool, and has spent most of his career focusing on the world of work, serving as Chief Executive of the Institute of Employment Consultants (now the Recruitment & Employment Confederation). He was a founding board member of the Career Development Institute and is a NICEC Fellow.


Michelle Stewart

Michelle is an independent careers consultant and associate lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University where she teaches on the MA/PG Dip Career Guidance (with QCD). She advises the CDI on government career-related consultations and developments in policy, has experience of careers work in education and has been actively involved in the development and provision of the Career Development Professional Higher Apprenticeship. Michelle has a strong interest in career-related theory and its relationship to career and employment support services.


Michael Larbalestier

Michael Larbalestier is a highly skilled digital learning and innovation specialist with extensive experience in careers development and delivery. With a long history of involvement as a careers practitioner, Michael has a proven track record of successfully delivering and developing innovative careers activity.

Currently, Michael is working for The Career Innovation Company, where he uses his expertise to build digital products to support individuals and organisations in their career development journeys. In addition to his work at The Career Innovation Company, Michael also acts as a CDI Project Associate, where he champions the use of digital learning to build digital confidence among career practitioners so they can leverage technology to empower individuals to enhance their career prospects.

With a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and career development, Michael is committed to helping individuals and organisations thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape. His passion for digital learning and innovation is evident in all aspects of his work.