Virtual Careers Fairs (Free Webinar) - Scotland

Virtual Careers Fairs

Thursday 22nd February 2018, 13:00 - 14:00

This webinar will be presented by Michael Larbalestier he has a background in career advice and employability support and has worked in a variety of contexts with young people and adults as an adviser and trainer.


Virtual Fairs can offer visitors the chance to interact with exhibitors and recruiters online without having to attend a physical event location.  But can an online event deliver similar benefits to a physical expo?  This webinar will explore the benefits and challenges of virtual fairs and examine the features in two popular hosting platforms.  We will ask also explore whether it is viable to assemble various free elements to build a DIY virtual careers fair.

Questions We Will Answer

What do we mean by a "virtual fair" and how does it differ from a traditional event?
What a virtual fair can deliver - what does it look like to the client
What are the specific benefits and challenges of delivering a jobs/careers fair?
Issues to consider when planning a virtual fair.
How would you evaluate the success and impact of a virtual fair?
How are other organisations using virtual fairs and what best practice exists?
Potential software to deliver it - we will compare two examples vFairs and gointro.
Do-it-yourself virtual fairs - combining readily available free services.

Speaker Bio

He currently heads up digital business innovation within Prospects, a large private provider of education, employment and skills services, owned by the charity, Shaw Trust. Michael is involved with digital service development, and e-learning. He is a trained careers adviser and career coach. Other interests include product development, digital skills training, service design and evaluation.

[Although specifically designed for Scottish members, this webinar is open to all CDI members.]

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