CDI Cymru - Using LinkedIn to develop your and your clients’ personal brands

Using LinkedIn to develop your and your clients’ personal brands


People google people before they commit to working with them - this is a fact. Our personal brand is our offer of value and as we move into 2019, we have to ensure we are promoting our brand online in a way which helps us stand out for all the right reasons.

An effective online presence needs to show off true talents, strengths, skills, experience and achievements authentically and LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for showcasing this, but are you and your clients using it as effectively as possible? Are you confident using it to build your client list? Does your profile really reflect what you want to be known for and can you discuss the advantages of LinkedIn and guide others how to use it? Do your clients understand how to do the same?

If you are unsure how to answer any of these questions, then this webinar is for you. It will help you create a powerful LinkedIn profile that showcases 'brand you', that will reach and engage the people you want in your network and give you tips and techniques, so you can become LinkedIn savvy to the benefit of you, your work and your clients.


In this webinar you will:

  • Develop an authentic brand statement that you are proud of
  • Discover techniques to help you communicate your brand to your intended audience
  • Build your online network so people know who you are and what you stand for; and
  • Learn skills that you can pass on to your clients

So why not join Kath and learn how to harness LinkedIn’s power to your advantage and tell your story how you want it to be told so you can help your clients do the same?



Kathryn Foot is a career coach and experienced trainer specialising in on-line personal branding, enhancing employability skills, self-promotion and career coaching to build self-awareness and confidence.

An award winning and infectious trainer with nearly twenty years’ experience of delivering careers education, she is an accredited trainer and coach for ILM team leadership programmes and a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, holding tutor membership and currently delivering Level 2 qualifications through the Chwarae Teg career development programme. A non-executive director for the careers app, miFuture, she sits on the Council for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Wales and was recently a finalist in the most inspiring mentor category of the EU Funds Awards 2018.



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