Mindfulness Introduction for Careers Professionals (Free Webinar)

Thursday 9 July 12pm to 1pm

Mindfulness training has been shown to enhance attention control, regulate emotion and self-awareness, as well as improving cognitive focus. CPD-accredited Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) complements existing practices and professions including teaching; social care; leadership; management; health and wellbeing provision and of course career development. Mindfulness training offers a welcome range of career-enhancing benefits including resilience towards everyday stress and bigger life events; diminishing of barriers between you and others, and a wide range of meditations including gentle movement exercises via qi gong. This webinar is presented by David Hooper, a qualified MBSR teacher. He will introduce you to some of the techniques he uses during his careers guidance day to maintain focus, stress response and remaining in the present moment.

Speaker Bio

David Hooper is a certified Mindfulness Practitioner and has survived his own life-threatening mental health issues. In 2018 David decided to utilize his own 10 years mindfulness experience and formed Mindfulness Practice Ltd to bring mindfulness, vipassana meditation and stress management coaching to kids, teens and adults alongside careers guidance. He is an advocate for mental health, careers guidance and development, a SAMH charter member, A Registered Careers Development Professional and a CPD Certified trainer/Member.

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