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Delivering career guidance and coaching via telephone and video (Expert Training Online)

This expert training online session is aimed at career practitioners who deliver or intend to deliver career guidance and coaching via the medium of telephone and video. The content focuses on in-depth guidance and coaching rather than tracking or cold calling. During the session we will explore how the skills and methods of face-to-face work can be creatively applied to telephone and video, rapidly building rapport and using multi-sensory tactics to fully engage clients and address their career development needs. The workshop will be led by Liane Hambly, Career Development Consultant. Liane uses these media in her own coaching practice and has delivered webinars and learning programmes on this topic throughout the UK and internationally.


Explore apprenticeships in the British Army – how can you be both an apprentice and a soldier? (Free Webinar)

People are not just looking for a salary from their employers, but opportunities to gain skills and qualifications; join this session to improve your knowledge of Army opportunities and how such a large organisation integrates external qualification courses into their own training and professional development. Over 13,000 soldiers are currently taking part in one of 40 apprenticeship schemes with the Army, making the Army the biggest employer provider of apprenticeships in the UK. Presented by Eleanor Brown of BASE (British Army In Education), this session will also look at the education provision of the Army Foundation College Harrogate for 16-17 year olds.


Labour market intelligence, same or different? Adult clients and LMI post Covid-19 (Expert Training Online)

The current labour market is looking considerably different to how it looked at the beginning of the year. This two-hour interactive Masterclass aims to update careers advisers and career coaches working with adults on what the current UK labour market looks like and how different it might look as we come out of the current pandemic situation. With a particular focus on those working with adults, it will highlight areas of understanding as well as useful LMI resources for both advisers and clients to use themselves. The session will take a candid look at the impact of Covid-19 on the labour market – the sectors and groups of people that are likely to be the hardest hit – and whether the key messages are essentially the same or need reviewing.


Mindfulness Introduction for Careers Professionals (Free Webinar)

Mindfulness training has been shown to enhance attention control, regulate emotion and self-awareness, as well as improving cognitive focus. Mindfulness training offers a range of career-enhancing benefits including resilience towards everyday stress and bigger life events; diminishing of barriers between you and others, and a wide range of meditations including gentle movement exercises via qi gong. Presented by David Hooper, a qualified MBSR teacher, this webinar will introduce you to some of the techniques he uses during his careers guidance day to maintain focus, stress response and remaining in the present moment.


Labour market information (LMI) (Free Webinar)

This webinar will focus on the use of technology in providing online learning support for career practitioners using LMI. It will highlight the potential enhancement that ICT provides, alongside some inherent tensions. A particular example will be used to highlight the potential of technology: ‘LMI for All’, funded by government in England, using state-of-the-art technology to collect, and mediate the dissemination of robust, current and reliable labour market information to support career interventions. Dr Sally-Anne Barnes and Professor Jenny Bimrose will cover some fundamental implications for practice introduce online learning units, designed to support practitioners enhance the use of LMI.