Labour market intelligence, same or different? The career development professional and LMI post-Covid-19 (Expert Training Online)

Wednesday 23rd September : 09:30 - 11.30

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The current labour market is looking considerably different to how it looked at the beginning of the year. This two-hour interactive Masterclass aims to update careers advisers and careers leaders on what the current UK labour market looks like and how different it might look as we come out of the current pandemic situation.

With a particular focus on those working with young people approaching the end of school, sixth form or college, it will highlight areas of understanding as well as useful LMI resources for both careers professionals and young people themselves.

The session will also take a candid look at the impact of Covid-19 on the labour market – the sectors and groups of people that are likely to be the hardest hit – and whether the key messages for young people are essentially the same or need reviewing. 


Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what has been driving change in the labour market and how this might now look different in the near future
  • To identify key messages about the labour market and current labour market situation for young people
  • To identify key, high-quality resources for careers advisers to use when supporting young people with their career planning


Target audience

This session is primarily aimed at careers advisers working with young people, careers leaders and employability professionals. 



This Masterclass does require delegates to participate by video or audio and it will be interactive. Please arrive from 9.45 am so that any technical difficulties can be resolved before the session begins.  

10am   Welcome and Introduction

10.05   LMI clarified

  • What is LMI, who produces it and who uses it?

10.15   What has been driving change in the labour market and could the wheels come off?

  • What are the key trends of the last few years and how do these compare with the current situation?
  • What might the labour market look like as we come out of the pandemic and who will be most affected by any changes?

10.50   Short comfort break

11.00   What are the key messages for young people?

  • What aspects of LMI do young people need to know about? Are the key messages still the same?
  • Facts and figures versus a broader outlook: different approaches to support decision making

11.15   Exploring high quality resources

  • Why high quality?
  • Think about your audience! Suitability and differentiation when looking at key resources for young people
  • Navigating resources for advisers including identifying information on the local labour market

11.55   Summary and questions

12.00   Close (speaker will stay online for individual questions)

 Please note timings may change

Delegates will receive materials in advance including a list of useful LMI resources.

Speaker bio

Helen Janota is a careers and labour market information consultant with 20 years’ experience in the careers sector. A chartered information professional and registered career development professional, Helen provides a range of CPD training and consultancy services for careers and education practitioners across the UK including training on the OCR level 6 LMI unit, expert training on the labour market and resources plus associate work on The Quality in Careers Standard for Ideas4Careers. She is a member of the Careers Writer’s Association and has written and developed a wide variety of CEIAG resources and guides on local labour markets including for the National Careers Service. Helen is also a National Careers Week ambassador for the East Midlands.

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