Career Moves at Imperial College London (Free Webinar)

June 3rd - 10.30am (POSTPONED)

Imperial College London is committed to supporting every member of staff in their career. They have multiple developmental opportunities available to equip staff with the skills they need to reach their potential. ‘Career Moves’ is one of their most recent offerings, and focuses on the mindset of career progression, inviting staff to think holistically about their career. This tool was created after researching careers at Imperial, and discovering staff tended to make several different career moves. Imperial identified these moves as: Ladder; Grid; Voyage; Rooted; Expedition; and, Boomerang, with some members of staff making all six of the moves! Each move encompasses a different kind of progression from the traditional ‘ladder’ and through their Career Moves project they encourage staff to learn and reflect on their career journey whilst empowering them to take control of their career.

Presented by Beth Richardson of Imperial College, this session is open to all CDI members. 

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