New to working from home? (Free Webinar)

Friday 27th March 2020 - 10am



We live in unprecedented times of change and this is the first time that that many people will have worked from home on a sustained basis. If you are new to working from home full time this session is designed to help you: understand how to set up your working space effectively • it will share insights into some useful tech tools for keeping in touch and on top of your work • provide some tips and techniques how to plan your day and it will include some health and wellbeing ideas and approaches to help you weather the disruption emotionally. Led by Carolyn Parry, the CDI Cymru Wales Project Associate who has been working from home successfully for the last five years and is a trained therapist as well as career coach, this webinar will help you to make the transition to your new working arrangements as smoothly as possible and is offered as part of our free webinar for members series.



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