LMI in Career Guidance Practice: Use, Misuse or Lack of Use?

Tuesday 17th July 2018 - Jurys Inn, Birmingham 
Wednesday 10th October 2018 - London

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Labour market information (LMI) represents a core and distinct component of knowledge required for career interventions. Yet career practitioners often find it challenging to keep LMI knowledge current, and/or mediate it effectively to different audiences. Whilst information communications technology (ICT) plays an increasingly important part in accessing, and disseminating, reliable and robust LMI, a recent meta-analysis of career choice interventions concluded that career practitioners continue to have the greatest impact effect in interventions with clients. Consequently, simply referring clients to LMI online is unlikely to achieve positive outcomes, as mediation of the meaning of the LMI for their own particular situation is frequently necessary.

One of the biggest challenges for career practitioners remains how to integrate LMI into career guidance interviews and other career guidance activities. This new workshop, led by Professor Jenny Bimrose (London) and Dr Sally-Anne Barnes (Birmingham) will focus on ways of enhancing the effectiveness of LMI as an integral part of overall career interventions.

The morning programme will cover the major challenges, with an emphasis on the practical integration and application of LMI in practice, through reflection and exercises. The afternoon will include demonstrations of LMI software, apps and websites which draw on LMI for All data. Presentations will be made by U-Explore; Career Companion; icould and CASCAID.

Learning outcomes:

  • Increase understanding of the role of LMI in career practice
  • Identify challenges in the use of LMI as part of career support
  • Understand the skills and strategies needed to maximise the impact of LMI
  • Become aware of the apps and programs that provide instant and easy access to LMI

Target audience

Career advisers, career leaders, career coaches and careers coordinators working with young people and adults. Indeed, anyone working in the careers sector using labour market information as part of their career practice. Career advisers and career leaders in schools will find this training day particularly useful in the context of achieving Gatsby benchmark 2 - learning from career and labour market information.

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