‘How to help your Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) clients be the very best they can be’ (Free Webinar)

11 JUNE - 1230 (Approxamately 1 hour) 


LGBT people are protected by anti-discrimination law, feature prominently in the media, films and TV as role models and also ‘ordinary’ people. However, many are still very reluctant to be out at work for a range of reasons. As advisors, we hold a privileged position in offering professional, objective, confidential advice and guidance which can make a huge difference to the LGBT community.

A sought after freelance expert and speaker with extensive experience of school and university careers work, Sean Russell founded www.getoutstayout.org.uk to help employers, employees, students and advisers to ensure that LGBT people thrive at university and in the workplace. He will talk about the various stages of career choice, application, recruitment and retention to help advisors understand the issues around what it is to be LGBT at work and university. Sean will cover topics such as: signalling that you are LGBT-friendly; the various terms in common use; what employers and universities are doing to encourage and support LGBT people and the resources available for advisors and their clients.


Sean Russell is the founder of www.getoutstayout.org.uk.  He is a freelance consultant specialising in LGBT employability who runs workshops and speaks at conferences. He taught for a number a years, including being Head of Sixth Form advising students on university applications. Sean moved from teaching to careers advice at the University of Bristol and then Director of the Careers Service at the University of Birmingham and Director of Student Development and Careers at Warwick University where he also had responsibility for student equality and diversity. During that time he worked on employability projects for LGBT students and Stonewall, the international campaigning organisation for LGBT equality. Sean was chair of the Midland LGBT Employee Network from 2011-14 and ran events for a range of private and public sector organisations. He is also an executive coach working with senior managers. In 2011 Sean devised the careers mentoring scheme for LGBT students at the University of Birmingham involving students from all years and disciplines and LGBT mentors from a wide range of occupations. He also advises universities on setting up LGBT staff networks.


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