Group Work – Adopting a Coaching Approach to Practice

Thursday 6th December - Paisley, University of the West of Scotland 

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Course Outline

This one-day work shop is designed for experienced career development practitioners who wish to develop their group work skills by adopting a coaching approach to practice.  This innovative approach uses collaborative coaching techniques to transform the collective career learning of groups.  This new methodology has the potential to complement and enhance the suite of services you offer your clients and customers across all sectors, whether you are working in the private, public, community or voluntary settings.


Learning outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to -

  • Critically evaluate current group work practices in career guidance and development.
  • Design and deliver group work sessions that develop the career management skills of the group by applying one to one guidance and coaching skills to a group context.
  • Adapt a group coaching approach to your own particular needs in a range of setting including with young people in schools or adults in the community.   
  • Facilitate group sessions which encourage individuals to actively listen to each other, reflect and share thoughts and feelings, offer peer support and create joint action plans.
  • Facilitate topic lead discussions using the Group Integrated Narrative Approach (Meldrum, 2017) e.g. exploration of skills and interests, coping with transitions to college, preparing or reflecting on work experience, dealing with job applications.

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