Demystifying Research - Encouraging Curiosity (A one-day conference for career development practitioners)

Thursday 27th February - University of Derby

Kedleston Road Campus, DE22 1GB
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Are you a curious career development practitioner who would love to undertake research, but are a little stuck on where to start?

Perhaps you have already undertaken research but are seeking a platform to disseminate your findings?

Maybe you would just like to know more about what is happening in research in the career development sector?

Perhaps you are considering Masters or Doctoral study and want to understand a little more about the research process before making your application?

Many people see research as something undertaken by academics however, we want to inspire all career development practitioners to develop their confidence, undertake research and develop the evidence base.

Our first one-day research conference 

The CDI is pleased to be working with research partner iCeGS at the University of Derby to present this one-day research conference.

It has been designed as an introduction to research and research approaches, but also as a platform for those undertaking research to tell us how they have gone about it and what they have found out.

The aim of the event is to cover both large-scale formal research in the career development sector and profile, through workshop sessions, research activities being undertaken by our members and the wider sector.

The day will comprise two plenary sessions and three workshop sessions.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Dr Siobhan Neary, Head of iCeGS at University of Derby;
  • Emily Tanner, Head of Research at the Careers and Enterprise Company;
  • Emily Roisin Reid, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick;
  • Dr Jill Hanson, Senior Researcher at iCeGS at University of Derby;
  • Nicki Moore, Senior Lecturer in Career Development at the University of Derby.

Free Event 

Being the first event of its type in the UK, we are making the day a free event for members (includes delegate pack; materials; delegate list; refreshments and light sandwich lunch). Non-members are welcome too - £145 + VAT.



Welcome and Introduction


First plenary – Nicki Moore (Overview) , Emily Tanner (National) and Siobhan Neary (International)




Workshop 1


Using Research to Inform Practice - When God can’t find you a job : Calling in the context of job mobility - Dr Christine Blackie


Practicalities of conducting online survey research during doctoral study - Practicalities of recruiting participants in survey research during doctoral study - Kane Needham


Resourcing Research & Using Research to Inform Practice - Practitioner research - the CDI helps! - Dr Lyn Barham




Workshop 2


Innovative Methodologies/Approaches to Research - The Listening Guide - a way to listen to your interview data - Dr Lyn Barham


Innovative Methodologies/Approaches to Research & Using Research to Inform Practice -  Continuous improvement in career services offered to young people. How Skills Development Scotland uses research to inform practice - Dr Graeme Smith / Karen Kerr


Using Research to Inform Practice - Using evaluation to measure impact - Dr Emily Tanner


Workshop 3


Innovative Methodologies/Approaches to Research - Cultivating your conceptual thinking to enrich your research practice - Dr Cathy Brown


Innovative Methodologies/Approaches to Research - Plan, Do, Reflect, Review : Using action research to explore your practice - Dr Gill Frigerio


Resourcing Research Using Research to Inform Practice - Practitioner research - the CDI helps! - Dr Lyn Barham


Plenary - Jill Hanson (Research Ethics and Young People), Emily Reid (Mixed Methods), Tristram Hooley (Using and Promoting Research for Impact)


Round Table Discussion - What Issues Have Emerged, What Further Support Needs Are There




Workshop themes

1. Resourcing Research 
2. Innovative Methodologies / Approaches to Research
3. Using Research to Inform Practice

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