QCD Payments

Becoming a QCD Member -
Step by Step

Step 1: Complete the Student Membership Details form

Step 2: Make a payment for your QCD fees and student membership by Direct Debit (one off, or instalments, see below), or arrange an alternate payment

Step 3: Your Welcome Pack will arrive in your email address once confirmed.

The Qualification in Career Development (QCD) is the professional qualification for people working in career development sector and is awarded by the Career Development Institute.

Most professional qualifications require that a fee is paid. The QCD fee of £310 covers the cost of having your QCD Professional Report moderated by a team of qualified and experienced CDI Moderators, the provision of a Student Conference in both Scotland and England and the updating of the QCD each year so that it continues to meet the demands of employers from across the UK career development sector.

Whilst undertaking the QCD you are also required to be a student member of the CDI. This brings a range of benefits which will help you with your studies. Full CDI membership for a year costs £105 but as a student you receive exactly the same benefits for just £55 for the duration of your studies.

Fees can be refunded if a student leaves the course within the first month. Refunds after this date, due to exceptional circumstances, are at the discretion of the Professional Development Manager.

Student Membership Details

So that we can send you your membership benefits, e.g. fortnightly News by Email, quarterly Career Matters, free webinars and twice yearly NICEC Journal we need to have up to date contact information for you.

Please complete the Student membership form within a month of starting your course. Please also complete the payment form.

Once we have received payment of your fees and your contact details you will be sent a Welcome email which will provide you with your CDI membership number and password.

How to pay

Direct Debit

If you started the course in September/October 2019 you can make a one off payment for your QCD fee plus CDI Student membership of £365 by using this form. 

You can pay by direct debit in two instalments for your QCD fee plus CDI Student membership, however to correctly authorise the payments we need you to complete two seperate Direct Debit single payment forms. Please note, there is a £10 admin fee for paying by Direct Debit. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

  • First Instalment mandate form - this will be a payment of £210 within a month of starting the course. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PLEASE CONTACT lyn.burgess@thecdi.net)
  • Second Instalment mandate form - this will be a payment of £165 on a set date (February for September/October starters, and May for January starters)(NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PLEASE CONTACT lyn.burgess@thecdi.net)

Both of these forms must be completed to ensure the successful processing of your QCD Qualification. Failure to complete both forms may delay or disrupt your ability to receive your qualification at the end of your course. 

NTU Master's students - please complete the Student Membership form when you start the course. For payment of your QCD fee please contact claire.johnson@thecdi.net.


Payment by means other than direct debit

We prefer that people pay by direct debit but if you would like to pay the full amount by credit card or cheque or if your employer is paying for either your QCD fee or CDI Student membership and wishes to be invoiced, please contact Lyn Burgesss who will be able to send you the relevant documentation or invoice your employer. We can only accept full payment of £365 by these means.

For those students for whom Skills Development Scotland are paying the fees we will contact SDS directly so you do not need to contact Lyn Burgess at lyn.burgess@thecdi.net. Telephone: 01384 376464  

Late Payment

We ask that you pay your fees within a month of starting the course. Failure to do so will result in a late payment fee of £50 for each month that you fail to pay.

If you have any questions about the above please contact CDI Professional Development Manager, Claire.johnson@thecdi.net.