Quality Assurance of Career Development Interventions

In response to requests from members, the CDI Professional Standards Committee has developed a framework and guidance for the quality assurance of career development interventions. Using this framework will help career development professionals to quality assure their career development interventions and determine any areas which may require development.

The framework is for the use of all career development professionals who carry out one-to-one interventions with clients. It has been developed principally for use with those professionals who work with young people in school/college but can also be used to assess the quality of interventions with other types of client.

1. CDI How to Use the Recommendations for Quality Assurance Criteria Career Development Intervention Observation or Self Reflection

2. CDI QA of career development interventions proforma (June2018).

If you have any questions relating to the use of these documents please contact the CDI Head of Professional Development and Standards, Claire.johnson@thecdi.net