The Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee (PSC) is a standing committee of the CDI.

The committee advises the board on issues concerning professional standards, professional development and ethics. 

Under the CDI’s constitution, the board must gather feedback from the PSC regarding any proposed constitutional changes. This ensures input from a professional standards perspective from across the CDI’s constituencies. 

The PSC also plays a critical governance role with the maintenance of the Code of Ethics and responsibility for the CDI Complaints and Discipline Procedure.

PSC members also form the judging panels for the UK Career Development Awards and, with members of the CDI Board, award CDI Fellowships. 

If you wish to raise a matter with the PSC, contact a relevant constituency member, the PSC Chair or the Head of Professional Development and Standards, Claire Johnson.

If you wish to raise a disciplinary issue, please follow the guidance on the CDI’s disciplinary procedure.


Members of the PSC 

All members of the PSC are elected by the membership for a term of three years, renewable once. The PSC is led by an elected chair and is made up of two representatives for each professional constituency and one representative for each national constituency. 

The chair of the PSC is also an officer of the CDI. 

The CDI’s Head of Professional Development and Standards attends the PSC meetings, presents updates and papers and records the minutes of meetings. 

Chair: Avril Hannon :


Professional constituencies

Career education/leadership in schools/college/HE 

Elaine Newell


Mark Fox


Career guidance/coaching in the private sector 

Hannah Courtney-Bennett

Lisa LaRue

Career guidance/coaching in the public sector, inc. education 

Mark Yates

Luisa Moreno

Professional development inc. training/research/sector development 

Lydia Lauder

John Walker

Career guidance/coaching in the voluntary/community sector 




National constituencies


Vicki Love




Ciara Bomford

Northern Ireland 



PSC Meetings 

 PSC meetings are held quarterly and the action notes from previous meetings are shown below. 

PSC 9th April 2014 

PSC 10th July 2014 

PSC 7th December 2014  

PSC 10th February 2015 

PSC 7th April 2015 

PSC 9th June 2015 

PSC 8th September 2015 

PSC 8th December 2015 

PSC 1st March 2016 

PSC 19th April 2016 

PSC 27th September 2016 

PSC 25th January 2017 

PSC 5th June 2017 

PSC 1st November 2017 

PSC 30th January 2018 

PSC 5th June 2018 

PSC 1st November 2018 

PSC 29th January 2019  

PSC 15th May 2019 

PSC 7th November 2019   

PSC 20th February 2020   

PSC 30th June 2020 

 PSC 11th November 2020 

PSC 11th February 2021   

PSC 10th June 2021 

PSC 16th September 2021 

PSC 2nd December 2021

PSC 4th March 2022

 PSC 28th June 2022